President Trump is a HERO to Puerto Ricans Who Are Relieved of Wall Street (Zionists) Payday Loans!

Trump: The Puerto Rican Debt to Wall Street Is Wiped Out! Make Way for the New Silk Road Paradigm of Credit & Construction

President Donald Trump, near the end of his visit to Puerto Rico Oct. 3, stated the obvious truth about the situation: Devastation has wiped out the estimated $72 billion in Puerto Rican debt, along with the entire infrastructure base of the island; its economy must be rebuilt for the people. Wall Street has gone ballistic. The President’s assertion of reality has called the question on the Wall Street system. The full LaRouche Plan of Action, released Aug. 31 after the first landfall of Hurricane Harvey, on Glass-Steagall, credit creation and economic rebuilding, must be adopted.READ MORE

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