U.S. Troops “Dumb Stupid Animals” Stated Henry Kissinger; You are Being Used-Jewish Exempt Their Kids From Fighting Wars!


by TUT editor


Today’s program–

Another massacre in the US involving firearms, and while everyone is debating all the tangentials swirling around it–pro gun control/anti gun control, that it was a ‘hoax’ involving crisis actors and fake blood, or that it was a ‘false flag’ conjured up by dark forces out to disarm America, the one discussion that is not taking place but which needs to be is the fact that this is the INEVITABLE result of a nation that has been subjected to decades of psychological warfare by organized Jewish interests vis a vis the daily drip of violence and violent programming into the nation’s psyche as a preparatory precursor to that nation being used as the primary weapon in going forth and murdering 2 billion Muslims for the benefit of Judea, Inc.

My Comment:  Feature picture is of U.S. Troops being used to guard poppy fields (for opium production) for the ZIONIST DRUG Trade.  They call us GOYIM and Zionists don’t allow their kids to fight these phony wars.  War is CRIME!

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