Israel Wants Iraq Balkanized (Split Up) and Supports Kurdistan’s “Independence” Vote- A Sham! Typical Zionist Divide & Conquer Strategy!

Erdogan claims (correctly) that Mossad played a role in Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence vote

by TUT editor

Administration in northern Iraq ‘hand-in-hand’ with Israel, claims Turkey’s president, citing Iraqi Kurds flying Israeli flags after referendum

ed note–no one should underestimate the shock waves that are planned to emanate from this latest development, and the manner by which Israel stands to benefit from it all.

Please remember that the policy paper ‘Clean Break’ written in 1996 for Mr. Armageddon himself, Bibi Netanyahu, by many of the same Neo-cons who engineered not only the 9/11 attacks, but as well, America’s response to those attacks, i.e. the invasion & destruction of Iraq, the unleashing of the ‘Arab Spring’ and subsequent ‘follow up’ operations showcased by ISIL, ISIS, etc, that wrought havoc across countries such as Libya and Syria that had decidedly anti-Israel regimes, all had/have as their common denominator the planned destabilization of the Middle East as a preparatory step towards the creation of ‘Greater Israel’.

With Iran, Syria, and Russia effectively removing the Zionist and Western-backed dogs of ISIS as chesspieces on the Zionist chessboard, Judea, Inc now stands to lose the momentum that began in 2001 and with that, a reversal of course from which it may not ever recover.

Enter, from stage left, the Kurds ‘declaration of independence’…

The state of ‘Kurdistan’ just so happens to include sizable pieces of real estate within–drum role please–the countries of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Now, while it is true that Turkey–most notably through the person of Erdogan–has allowed herself to be the plaything and prostitute of Israel and the West, particularly in allowing her borders and resources to be used in Syria’s destruction, at the same time, Iran and Russia have been working very carefully and quietly behind the scenes in trying to pry Turkey out of the grip of Israel and the West, and whatever reservations Erdogan may have previously entertained about accepting these overtures will have been effectively removed by Israel’s support of Turkey losing a sizable portion of its real estate to the future ‘Kurdistan’.

So, here is what all can expect from this–

If Turkey finally falls within a more ‘eastern’ sphere of influence, ‘jines’ up with Iran, Russia, and Syria, begins preparations for abandoning her membership in NATO and reverses her role in allowing her country to be used as a base of operations for Syria’s destruction, allows Iran and Russia to ‘set up shop’ and develops a more cooperative role in defeating what remains of ISIS, all will see the beginnings of the ‘Turkish Spring’, as Israel’s Mossad and her willing 5th columnists deeply embedded within the CIA, NSA, National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, and all the other groups whose job is to bring about destabilization get to work, BIG TIME. Erdogan will be painted as a ‘tyrant’ out to crush the ‘freedom fighters’ of the brave, nascent country known as Kurdistan, the UN will do its usual business of issuing resolutions ‘condemning’ Turkey’s ‘brutality’ and the stage will be set for all sorts of turmoil to be ‘fixed’ by Western military intervention. All can rest assured that as of the very moment of this writing, various high ranking individuals in both the military and political echelons in Turkey are being wooed, bribed, blackmailed, etc, to ‘cooperate’ with the planned coup which Israel and the West are planning to initiate. 

It may also prove to be the final straw that breaks whatever resistance remains within the Trump administration for US involvement in any new wars in the Middle East, as doubtless there will be ‘gas attacks’ by Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc, and Trump will find himself hemmed in on all sides in what can only be described as an impossible situation, and once the ball starts rolling, gaining both in speed and inertia, it may well prove to be impossible to stop.

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