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New York Times: S I Newhouse Dies at 89


A bit of good news to report — Samuel Irving (“S I”) Newhouse Jr. (cough cough) has died. Yayyy! The bad news? Like so many of the big-time Globalist gangsters, he leaves behind capable family members and offspring to take his place.

We suspect that even many of the highly informed regular readers of The Anti-New York Times must be scratching your heads while asking yourselves: “Who the heck is S I Newhouse?” Answer: He was only one of the biggest Jew media moguls in America. And the fact that the name of such a dominant player will not “ring a bell” with 99% of the public is further evidence of his family’s hidden power.

1. Papa S I Newhouse Sr., (center) with his demon-seeds: the recently departed S I Jr.(left) and Donald.  2 & 3. S I Newhouse Jr. looks like he had some Neanderthal Man DNA.


S I Newhouse Jr. was an heir to a magazine, newspaper and cable TV empire. Together with his brother Donald Newhouse, he owned Advance Publications, which was founded by their father — an ex-Rabbinical student birth-named Solomon Isadore Neuhaus, in 1922. The Newhouse Empire’s magazine holdings include Vogue, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Architectural Digest, Self, Wired, GQ, Glamour, W, Conde Nast Traveler and many, many others),dozens of newspapers across the United States, the former cable company Bright House NetworksRandom House Publishing (later sold), and a controlling stake in Discovery Communications.

Whereas the New York-based Sulzberger lie machine spread its pinko poison across America by way of its newswire service to other newspapers, the Newhouse Mafia, also of New York, spread its propaganda directly — through the establishment or purchase of newspapers right in the heart of “fly over country.” David Duke once recalled how he, as a teenager, was shocked by the sudden leftward turn and race-baiting of the formerly conservative New Orleans Picayune newspaper. After what he calls his “awakening,” Duke figured out the mystery. The New York Newhouses had purchased Louisiana’s largest newspaper in 1962, along with another New Orleans paper, the States-Item, which was merged into the Picayune in 1982.




The Newhouse crime family — every bit as Globalist / Zionist and libtarded as the Sulzberger Clan, owns newspapers all across America. To name a few …


(Newark, New Jersey)

(Jersey City, New Jersey)


(Staten Island, New York)


(Central / South New Jersey)

(New Orleans, Louisiana)



(Cleveland, Ohio)

(St. Louis, Missouri (now out of business))


(Huntsville, Alabama)


(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)


Prior to his death, S I had an estimated net worth of $9.5 Billion (his brother Donald, about the same) — ranking S I as the 46th richest “American” on the Forbes Magazine list. Like so many other elitist “philanthropists,” the degenerate Marxist bought up universities under the guise of “charitable endowment” — including $15 Million to Syracuse University — and was an avid collector and promoter of the rotten degenerate art that has so poisoned western culture. Newhouse once owned one of the most valuable paintings in the world, a Jackson Pollock drip painting, titled No. 5, 1948. Have a look at what this insane freak paid many millions of dollars for:

Newhouse (cough cough) — a collector of degenerate art — bought and later sold Pollock’s “drip paint” garbage to fellow degenerate art collector and Hollywood sodomite / rumored pedophile David Geffen (cough cough) — who later sold it to some Gentile chump for $140 Million.


In addition to the Fake News end of Advance Publications, the Newhouses, through magazines, book publishing and cable TV networks, also wield vast influence over American culture, fashion and social taste — none of it good. Disguised as “advice on sex,” Newhouse magazines Vogue and Teen Voguetarget impressionable women and teen girls with pornographic articles so explicit they would make a crack-house whore blush. In fact, just this past July, Teen Vogue caused quite a stir by publishing a tutorial on anal sex — for teenage girls! (here)

Promoting Fake News and moral depravity — that’s what this piece of Satanic scum was all about. S I is dead, but his lies and filth go marching on.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that some big media mogul named S. I. Newhouse just passed away.

Boobus Americanus 2: S I Newhouse? Never heard of him.



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