Are They Zionists? Part of a Talmudic Satanic Cult?

Zionist serial killers and Zionists call themselves 
“Jews” but they are the Synagogue of Satan


  1. The jews Esther and Mordecai killed 72,000 of their enemy [read: us] in one day.
  2. The jew Hitler killed 256 million Christians in WWII.
  3. The jews Lenin and Trotsky killed 65 million Christians in the Bolshevik Revolution.
  4. Witness a jewish execution.
  5. The jew Dirshowitz is a proven terrorist.
  6. The jews killed Jesus: John 18:12 Then the band and the captain and officers of the Jews took Jesus, and bound him
  7. How jewish massacre.
  8. Israeli jews rape and kill 80 women.
  9. The jew Ariel Sharon killed 3,000 in the WTC bombing.
  10. The jew Leopold Moritz Amery responsible for 48 Million dead Christians.


David Birkowitz–Jewish–Killed six people [er, jews].(My Comment:  He was a known Satanist.)I’m watching Dateline on NBC right now. They are talking about the 1970’s serial killer David Birkowitz the “Son of Sam” serial killer. He only killed six people and yet he’s the infamous serial killer of New York. I noticed two things while watching this.

1. he was a Jew and all of his victims where Jewish
2. he only killed six people but because he was a Jew who only killed Jews he has the status of Manson, Bundy or Gacy.

jew BARUCH GOLDSTEIN KILLS A RECORD 40 PEOPLEAnd the jews honor him because he didn’t kill any jews.


Jew Watch – Jewish Atrocities – Hebron Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic & Worldwide Zionist Criminality. … Baruch Goldstein. Wednesday, June 17, 1998. Reuters News Service.


jew DYLAN KLEBOLD–26 DEAD STUDENTS IN LITTLETON* Dylan Klebold, Columbine massacre (Jewish maternal grandfather, mother identifies)
Nero, Emperor, and —  Jew— Nero’s wife was a Jew named Poppaea, rabbinical writings say Nero himself converted to Judaism (My Comment:  Nero was Satanic.)

“He [God] sent against them [Israel] Nero the Caesar. As Nero was coming he shot an arrow towards the east, and it fell in Jerusalem. He then shot one towards the west, and it again fell in Jerusalem. He shot toward all four points of the compass, and each time it fell in Jerusalem. He said to a certain boy, ‘Repeat to me the last verse of Scripture that you have learned.’ He said, ‘ I will wreak My vengeance on Edom through My people Israel.’ Nero said, ‘The Kadosh Barukh Hu [the Holy One] desires to lay waste His Temple and to lay the blame on me. So he ran away and converted to Judaism, and Rabbi Meir was descended from him.'” [Gittin 56a]

jew Ted Bundy (My Comment:  Definitely Demonically possessed.)Killed 28 females.

Before he died, he confessed to killing 28 females, although he is suspected of killing more.

jew John Wayne Gacy killed 33 boys (My Comment:  He was involved with others in his murders but was the fall guy as any serious researcher knows but you have to dig up this information.)AKA John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

Born: 17-Mar-1942
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Died: 10-May-1994
Location of death: Joliet, IL
Cause of death: Execution

Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Criminal

Level of fame: Famous
Executive summary: Twenty-eight boys in his crawlspace

Father: John Stanley Gacy
Sister: Joanne
Sister: Karen
Wife: Marlynn Myers (co-worker, m. 1964, div. 1968)
Wife: Carole Hoff (m. 1-Jun-1972, div. 2-Mar-1976)

Murder 33 victims
Sodomy arrested 10-May-1968, pled guilty
Sexual Battery 1971, charges dropped
Drug Possession: Marijuana
Risk Factors: MarijuanaDepression

jew Ariel Sharon kills 400In Belgium 23 survivors of the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre, in which Israeli-allied Christian Phalangist militiamen killed hundreds of Palestinians in Beirut, are trying to put Mr Sharon, who was defence minister at the time, on trial for war crimes.

Mr Sharon was censured in 1983 by a government inquiry that ruled that he should have predicted that the Phalangists were likely to commit a massacre as they were incensed by the recent assassination of their leader, Bashir Gemayel. He was forced to resign as defence minister, but was never prosecuted.

jew Lazar Kaganovich, the butcher of UkrainePermitted to retire quietly and live out his life in comfort.

It is just something one must swallow if we are to look dispassionately at the various pieces of evidence or the theories. The East End of London was the home of a large number of Jews. Therefore some suspicion of a Ripper who would be Jewish was destined to occur. If the area was only full of French Catholics, a theory involving a French Catholic would have occurred. The theory would be either right or wrong, but one can’t dismiss it out of political correctness alone.

Being Jewish, I am concerned about real anti-Semitism. When I see someone insisting that the Ripper was a typical Jew who commits ritual murder, I will see somebody who is a racist writing that comment. But for someone pointing at Kosminski or Cohen – no there are logical reasons to consider those men as suspects. No more than for me to consider Druitt a typical English barrister killer or Chapman a typical Polish/American/English immigrant wife poisoner. If there is a name to the person it is the individual we concentrate on, not the groups he comes from.  [jew] Jeff [Bloomfield]




Other jew killers

* Lori Berenson, activist convicted of terrorism in Peru
* David Berkowitz, serial killer (adopted by Jewish parents)
* Samuel Byck, failed assassin of Richard Nixon
* Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood madam
* Frank Collin, neo-nazi
* Meyer Lansky, gangster
* Jean Lafitte, pirate (‘part-Jewish’)
* Leopold and Loeb, murderers
* Kevin Mitnick, hacker
* Sara Jane Moore, failed assassin of Gerald Ford
* Jonathan Pollard, jailed spy
* Ethel & Julius Rosenberg, executed spies
* Arnold Rothstein, gangster
* Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald
* Dutch Schultz, gangster
* Bugsy Siegel, gangster
* Adam Worth, Victorian thief, model for Moriarty

The high death rate of jews (at the hands of other jews?)

* Alan Berg, murdered radio host
* Nick Berg, beheaded entrepreneur
* Josephine Earp, wife of Wyatt Earp
* Leo Frank, lynching victim
* Jeremy Glick (1), September 11 victim (UA flight 93)
* Jeremy Glick (2), activist & son of September 11 victim (WTC)
* Ronald Goldman, murdered friend of Nicole Brown Simpson
* Chandra Levy, disappeared intern
* Monica Lewinsky, sex scandal intern
* Joshua A. Norton, eccentric & self-proclaimed emperor
* Daniel Pearl, beheaded journalist
* Judith Resnik, Space Shuttle Challenger victim
* Mickey Schwerner & Andrew Goodman, KKK victims
* William James Sidis, child prodigy
* Nancy Spungen, murdered girlfriend of Sid Vicious


Charles Manson wasn’t a jew–but he never murdered anyone either.  The crime with which he’s associated was not a serial murder, so why did he get more media coverage than any one of the above jew serial killers?

Ariel Sharon IS a serial killer, HAS been indicted numerous times for it–but is praised by our “news” media.

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