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How Blockchain-Based Social Media Companies are Rendering Centralized Behemoths Obsolete!

How Blockchain-Based Social Media Companies are Rendering Centralized Behemoths Obsolete!

Posted: 01 Sep 2017 11:15 AM PDT

We Are Change

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Serious Question: Do you think Centralized Social Media platforms like Youtube and Facebook will still be popular in 10 years?

Going by the level of censorship taking place on YouTube/Twitter/Facebook – My prediction is there will be a massive shift to blockchain based decentralized platforms in the next few years.

Let’s see what’s been happening:

Some of the biggest names on YouTube have been very public about the fact that they have been targeted and had their channels de-monetized, followers unsubscribed, and sometimes even channels erased completely.

Why? Merely for speaking their truth!
( Or in the case of WeAreChange.org reporting it! )

In fact – Luke was over at my house when he found out 660 of his YouTube videos were simultaneously demon’d ? for no good reason.

He looked up at me and said: “Wow, I think YouTube just demonetized all my videos.”

That was that and it’s not just YouTube.

Facebook regularly drowns out content that just doesn’t fit their narrative even going so far as completely removing pages that are considered too ‘conservative.’

They’ve developed special software to censor people’s posts in China – and collaborated with the Israeli government to decide which posts should be censored. Ah yes – and they collect more information about you than you can imagine

They’ve already got facial recognition software voice recognition and soon they’ll have your fingerprints too. If you’ve got it on your phone, they also know where you are at all times

And don’t even get me started on Twitter…

They’ll straight up make sure anyone that has ANYTHING worthwhile (read – non-status quo) gets ghost banned

That means you can post – but nobody’s going to see it!

By choosing what content you will and will not see (and who can make a living creating content) platforms like YouTube and Facebook are showing utter contempt for the people that matter the most: The users.

So that brings us to the question:
Do you think Youtube, Facebook & Twitter will be around 5-10 years from now?

I don’t.

Here’s why:

The reason why WE THE PEOPLE actually loved these platforms was that they were a place where friends (and strangers) could meet and express themselves openly and freely.

Those times are gone…

I certainly don’t want to support companies that shit all over free speech and support the status quo – because I know what the status quo supports:
More Fear, Propaganda, war, GMO food, and the suppression advanced technology.

No thanks.

I believe that when individuals are choosing what information to take on board, and what to cast-off, it’s way better for everyone (aside from power-mongering censorship-profiteers.)

It’s a no-brainer: free speech platforms advance knowledge, collaboration, and authenticity, while speech-stifling sites tend to regress us into fight or flight and division.

Innovation is quickly fleeing from increasingly-oppressive bureaucratic behemoths like Google and Apple. Modern pioneers are moving toward the edges of the internet and the end user. Over the coming years massive decentralization movements in media, finances, storage, databases, and more will continue.

If you agree – you’ll come to the same conclusion I’ve come to:

Either the above platforms simply won’t be here in a decade – or they will exist as government mouth pieces – the only people using them will be the ones zombified enough to believe the narrow points of view and enjoy the low grade ‘entertainment’ (and outright propaganda) they’ll be spoon fed.

The rest of us, Woke Folks, will be on other platforms.
Some of which… are already here now!

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to a few of them:

Steemit is an absolutely revolutionary platform Not only do they have their own blockchain but they also have their own crypto (virtual) currency

Authors (and curators) get paid based on the quality of their content and how much they participate in the community. Steemit has been running for around 1.5 years, and it’s extremely enthusiastic user base has been expanding rapidly. Extremely promising!

– this site bills itself as the “Uncensored twitter” … yes, that’s right. If you’ve been paying attention, you already know Twitter is no place for free Speech.

On Gab.ai, not only can you express yourself – You can remain anonymous if you like, or verify your identity (for more credibility) if you so choose. Its user base has been growing steadily since its inception.

Dtube.Video is a platform that JUST came out. It’s basically a YouTube clone but uses the Steemit blockchain. This means videos CAN NOT just be removed – by anyone – because the entire operation is decentralized. This is an absolute game changer because it guarantees outlets that are the most vulnerable to censorship simply can not be silenced. I predict big things for this platform, even though it is in very early stages.

Another site you will soon hear about is onG.Social:

onG is a revolutionary new site that works as a dashboard for ALL your social media sites which means when you post there you can have it also post to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. Steemit integration ( coming soon )!

There are no limits to how many friends you can add, with no rigger-happy algorithms censoring what you post, or who sees it. They are and will continue to use monies raised from their ICO We Are Change to move the platform to full decentralization.

Oh and another bonus: Like Steemit, you will be paid for participating in the platform. In crypto currency! This is particularly interesting to anyone interested in promoting truth: onG is working on a way for users to verify ‘truthfulness’ of content… which just may wipe out “fake news” as we know it.

The times they are a changin’

As we have learned from the past, we can not rely on governments or the corporations that own them to guarantee us our freedom of speech. The old guard, towing the line of oppressive governments and shadowy players will be replaced by savvy entrepreneurs who recognize that

WE THE PEOPLE – will not settle for anything other than all of our natural rights. Freedom of expression is not bestowed upon us by governments – it is an inalienable right for all beings. It’s a sad world. God bless the internet… and God bless the blockchain!

-Alex Lasarev aka Sasha Daygame


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Google the CIA Monopoly Company We All Need To Do Something About

Posted: 31 Aug 2017 06:42 PM PDT

We Are Change

“It Should be possible for computers to detect malicious misleading and incorrect information and essentially have you not see it. We’re not arguing for censorship, we are arguing that you just take it off the page make it harder to find.” – Eric Schmidt – former CEO of Google

Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings. That was Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google who now runs Alphabet which is Google’s parent company. He was saying that they won’t censor misleading information, they will just put it in a place where no one can find it. That is the very definition of censorship, and it’s just more 1984 Orwellian disinformation doublespeak.

We are going to be talking about the multi-billion-dollar CIA Monopoly company that eventually wants to control the world. I am of course talking about Google which I see as big of a threat as the former robber baron industrialists and banksters like the Rockefellers of old. The new elites who want to control everything have learned that individuals who have the same goals and aspirations like the Rockefellers are vulnerable unless they have bigger institutions behind them. Like for example name-brand companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter to effectively reach the same goals that these individuals had.

This Behemoth multi-billion-dollar monopoly CIA company also has some other abilities which we will discuss later.

Let me preface this with how one of the biggest robber barons in the early nineteen-hundreds was able to gain power in influence. I am talking about John D. Rockefeller who had his Standard Oil trust broken up by the Supreme Court in 1911.

Mr. Rockefeller became one of the most influential and Powerful families in the United States through his horrible business practices. For example, he used his monopoly and power to build gas stations next to local small-business gas stations. He would lower the price of gas by a considerable amount and efficiently put the small local business out of business. He would then buy it for pennies on the dollar and have a monopoly on fuel prices in that region.

Something very similar is happening with something that is far more valuable than gasoline, and that is information. I know there’s a big portion of our audience that is for free market capitalism that are anarchists that are Libertarians but please before freaking out and talking about ‘muh roads’ just please read thru first. I am very interested in your comments.

Now Google is not just in the business of search engines but is also financially supporting left-leaning policy shops. Alphabet Google’s parent company has helped raise a liberal army intent on hashing out a policy to help influence US policy to their benefactors’ advantage.

What happens when these independent think tanks that are supported by Google publish something that questions the authority of Google. One researcher at the left-leaning New American think-tank learned that the punishment is swift and severe. His name is Barry Lynn, and he dared ask the question is Google a monopoly? He did spend years studying the growing power of tech giants like Google and Facebook, and he believes the answer is yes. That opinion has cost him his job. That’s because Google funds this scholarly research and supposedly independent think-tank the New American Foundation that he was working for.

According to the New York Times shortly after he posted an article that was publicized Eric Schmidt got on the phone with this supposedly independent think-tank. His blog post was temporarily removed, and Barry Lynn was fired. In his article, Barry Lynn mentioned how he agreed with the recent E.U. decision to levy a record 2.4 billion dollar fine on Google for breaching antitrust laws and for abusing its market dominance. Lynn wrote,

“Google’s market power is one of the most critical challenges for competition policymakers in the world today.”

I believe Google’s latest actions show how this multi-billion-dollar monopoly CIA-funded network that looks like it can never be stopped has a huge weak spot, of course, is government regulation.

Now hold on, calm down there, I see you typing away you free-market capitalist. Calm down I do believe there’s a solution outside of government regulation that I will talk about later in this video. I do not believe that government regulation will work primarily because Google is one of the biggest lobbyists in Washington DC and spends millions of dollars trying to influence DC lawmakers. They also receive government subsidies all the way up to 630 million dollars. Our tax dollars are being used to finance the rise of Google. A company that many analysts say is funded and started by the CIA.

The United States Intelligence Community funded in nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed funding by the NSA and CIA. Google was merely the first among the plethora of private-sector startups co-opted by U.S. intelligence to retain information superiority. This is not a conspiracy theory even Obama said it himself that,

“Google, Facebook would not exist without government funding.’

This is the same Google that has a secret alliance with the National Security Agency. They work hand-in-hand with them and have virtually unchecked surveillance powers on you the American public. That is why the man you saw at the beginning of this video Eric Schmidt is now helping run the Pentagon surveillance program.

To add insult to injury Google has also moved billions of dollars to Bermuda to avoid paying taxes.

This is why I believe the argument that Google is a private company and they do what they want is entirely invalid.

The free market capitalist argument doesn’t work for Google since they are subsidized by U.S. intelligence agencies and by U.S. government seed funding. It beat out its competitors who didn’t comply with the U.S. government. This is a company that continues to get subsidies from your taxes as they are working with the US government to spy on you. They’re just switching back and forth. They use socialism to get more power, money, and control while relying on subsidies while at the same time saying that if anyone criticizes us you’re just an anti-capitalist. That’s bull-crap.

Before I get into solutions that we the people could take to prevent this monopoly from getting even bigger and dominating further. I want to talk about some of the more Sinister things that we have to understand right now.

It’s not just myself many other people see Google as a significant threat to our way of life. It’s Google, not the US government that is building the future.

They’re developing deep learning A.I. (artificial intelligence) systems whose abilities will be way more powerful and influential than say a representative government.

Julian Assange even said that,

“Google is not what it seems” and they can do things that the CIA cannot.”

Researchers and scientists have concluded that Google could rig elections through their search algorithm which could easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20% or more. Up to 80% in some demographic groups and they could do it with virtually no one knowing that they are being manipulated.

While they become more powerful by the day, they are waging a censorship campaign against news organizations that publish content which conflicts with the narrative of the Washington establishment. Not only have they proven ability to rig search results and to hurt the consumer but through their companies have been blatantly censoring content. Waging war on alternative media to bankrupt independent journalism.

Which for many years now Google has been severely destroying our income. Often to the point throughout my career where I didn’t know if I was able to continue my operation since Google decided to cut off my monetization. Of course, a lot of people are affected it’s not just me. What is very concerning about what’s happening right now with Google is the fact that they’re choosing to go after independent media as their first Target. Not terrorist videos or even disturbing videos for pedophiles on their network. Which demonstrates to me another very weak spot for Google, it shows how afraid of real independent media they truly are and how much of an effect we’re having.

Knowing what we know what is the best way to stop Google from getting more power, money, and control. The answer is straightforward. It may be more convenient, cheaper and easier to use Google services just like it was cheaper to use that gas station. Knowing what we know now and sharing this information with your friends and family members. Spreading it to as many people as you can you could take away this company’s main driving force.

That, of course, is you and your information. You have to understand when something is free you are the product. This company is only as powerful as it is right now because of our participation. We can take that away we could use alternatives search engines like Duck Duck Go instead of Google. We should set up Firefox browser instead of Chrome. You can start using alternative social media accounts like steemit.com. A service which helps you and me raise cryptocurrencies just by participating in their system.

The solutions go on and on and on because you have to understand the government which is so intertwined with Google will not regulate Google. It is up to us and only us to do this vital job. Now I understand by doing this video relying on YouTube as the platform to spread this which is owned by Google I am eventually shooting myself in the foot and taking the chance of totally being de-platformed from the biggest platform that I operate on.

Which is this YouTube channel make sure to go to wearechange.com and put yourself on our email list. We’re not sending out emails yet but we will when they take us down. Understand that without your participation and your donations whether through PayPal or Bitcoin I would not be able to be here. You’re more important than ever. Please take some actions together cohesively we can make a major difference in this world.

I love you guys thank you again.

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