‘Residents are being warned to ‘get out or die’ as waters in a nearby reservoir rise in an east Texas county and Harvey continues to move northeast towards Louisiana, bringing more rain and floods as people continue to evacuate and fill already overcrowded shelters.

Officials in Tyler County, where river levels were expected to rise to 82ft, told residents bleakly that if they did not leave, their chances of rescue were slim.

‘Anyone who chooses not to heed this directive cannot expect to be rescued and should write their social security numbers in permanent marker on their arm so their bodies can be identified.

‘The loss of life and property is certain. Get out or die!’ an ominous late night post on the county’s emergency department’s Facebook page read on Wednesday.

There have been two explosions at the Arkema Inc. chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, which flooded earlier in the week, releasing toxic substances in to the area which have already sent one police officer to hospital.’

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Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey