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NY Times: Democrats Begin Legal Assault on Trump’s Move to End ‘Dreamer’ Program

 NY Times: After 16 Futile Years, Congress Will Try Again to Legalize ‘Dreamers

NY Times: Worried and Frustrated, ‘Dreamers’ Say They Won’t Give Up

Editorial: Donald Trump’s Cowardice on ‘Dreamers

 Letters: President Trump, Don’t Forsake the ‘Dreamers


The 800,000 assorted future brain surgeons, computer engineers, architects, applied scientists, artists, inventors, and CEO’s dubbed as “dreamers” TM are, if the Piranha Press and all of shrieking Libtardia are to believed, about to be rounded up in the middle of the night and shipped back to their Turd World country of origin. Oh horrors! Such a nightmarish end to the “American dream” that Mr. & Mr. Obongo had so graciously (and illegally!) given them.

Fear not, Juan y Maria. No one is going to deport your “children.” With an eye on reelection in 2020, Señor Trump is only playing to his base of FOXtards. Although a few more criminal aliens and perhaps the most recent arrivals may end up getting deported — something which would never have happened had Killary been elected — Trump and Congress will eventually reach a deal to allow the great mass of illegals, er “dreamers” TM to remain in America and to retain access to welfare benefits and “voting rights.” In exchange for making such a deal on “dreamers,” TM we suspect that El Hombre Naranja (Orange Man) will demand, and probably get, funding for his border wall “with a big gate.”


1. Los Angeles High School football star Jamiel Shaw II was murdered in cold blood by a “dreamer” TM. 

2. Kelsey Engelsen of Naples, Florida was murdered by a “dreamer” TM


As for this phony empathy about the “cruelty” of deporting the innocent “children” of illegal invaders — apart from the fact that El Hombre Naranja isn’t actually going to do that — what would be so bloody damn horrible about deporting families from “racist” America back to a place where people will surely welcome the “deamers” TM as ethnic brothers and sisters? These kids speak Spanish and should be able to adapt to their new homes fairly quickly. What’s the issue here?

And just to show how “compassionate” we Americans are, we can even give each “dreamer” TM a generous cash incentive upon departure — a relatively small investment of a few billion dollars that will ultimately save American taxpayers hundreds of billions in current and future education costs, future welfare and medical costs and, in many cases, future incarceration costs. On a case-by-case basis, we can also make exceptions for those “dreamers” TM who were brought here a small children, grew up in the United States, and are now in High School, college or the work force. Let them stay, but NEVER grant them full citizenship and the free goodies that come with it. Fair enough?


Provided that they have not committed any crimes, students and working people whose parents came to America when they were very young should be permitted to stay — but they should never be granted citizenship / voting rights, and their parents should be assessed a stiff fine that can be paid off in monthly installments.


If the Demonrats really cared about the “dreamers,” TM they would support a cash-for-deportation program. But then 800,000 potential Demonrat voters would be leaving the country. There lies the rub!

As for the Republican’ts who want the “dreamers” TM to stay, theirs is a different motivation. By “reaching out” to the illegal invader community and its “Hispanic” TM enablers, the pathetic GOP hopes to impress the all-mighty Judenpresse and demonstrate to “Hispanics” TM just how “tolerant” TM the new GOP is.

These pathetic Republican’t “outreach” efforts have been going on since the days of Ronald Reagan‘s amnesty program of 1986. And yet, election after election after election, the only “outreach” reciprocated by 70% + of “Hispanic” TMvoters is their habitual “outreach” for the lever / button marked “D” when they step into the voting booth.

1. Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration bill into law. It was sold as a crackdown — establishing “tighter security at the border” and penalizing employers for hiring illegal aliens. 2. The GOP and the Chamber of Commerce cheap-labor crowd loves amnesty.


  Boobus Americanus 1: Today’s New York Times today really went after Trump for wanting to end DACA — the Dreamer program.

Boobus Americanus 2: Trump is cruel. All Immigrants deserve a chance to live the American dream. The Statue of Liberty poem guarantees that right.



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Cho Tae-yul, the South Korean ambassador, and Ambassador Nikki Haley of the United States during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Monday to discuss North Korea’s nuclear tests. “The time has come for us to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it’s too late,” Ms. Haley said.

NY Times: U.S. Urges Fuel Cutoff for North Korea, Saying It’s ‘Begging for War’


Not since the oh-so-estimable Colon Bowell performed his pre-Iraq War uranium Show-and-Tell act in 2003 has an American official spit forth such lies at the United Nations as Ambassador Nikki Haley recently did about North Korea fictitious warmongering. The nasty bitch threatened to impose “secondary sanctions” on any nation that does not comply with the new fuel sanctions to be imposed upon against North Korea — a country which she accused of “begging for war.” An objective comparison of the respective war records of the “hermit kingdom” versus that of “the exceptional nation” dispels that lie. Just to keep matters contemporary, we’ll limit the summary to only the past 40 years. Let us see who it is that is always “begging for war.”

Colon Rectal Bowel, 2003 / Nikki Haley 2017 / Same old song of hate, deceit and blood.


1970’s – 1980’s: It wasn’t North Korea, through its spies and proxies, that initated a bloody and protracted proxy war in Afghanistan, right on Russia’s (then the USSR) Central Asian doorstep. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

1989-90: It wasn’t North Korea that bombed and invaded Panama in order to get “the bad guy” Manuel Noriega, killing hundreds of innocent civilians in the process. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

1990: It wasn’t North Korea that green-lighted Iraq’s invasion of US-puppet Kuwait, just so a pretext could be used for the 1st Iraq War. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

1. The Afghanistan Bear Trap resulted in the death of hundreds-of-thousands of people. 2. American soldiers with dead Panamanian civilians 3. The “Highway of Death” — fleeing Iraqi troops and civilians were ruthlessly liquidated by US air power.



1999: It wasn’t North Korea that heavily bombed independent-minded, pro-Russian Slavic nation of Serbia for 78 straight days, killing hundreds of civilians. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

2001: It wasn’t North Korea — under the phony pretext of avenging the false-flag event of 9-11 — that launched the now 16-year old war in Afghanistan. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

2003: It wasn’t North Korea — under the phony pretext of preventing Iraq from menacing the world with “Weapons of Mass Destruction” TM — that launched the genocidal 2nd War on Iraq. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

2003 – 2004: It wasn’t North Korea that operated a POW jail in which prisoners were psychologically abused, tortured, raped, sodomized and murdered. It was the “the exceptional nation” — with a little help from its Israeli “allies.” 

Ongoing: It isn’t North Korean intelligence services that have been fomenting chaos and “spontaneous” revolutions / coups in nations across the globe(Venezuela, Brazil, Iran, Lebanon, Georgia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Myanmar, Turkey, Russia etc)  It is the “the exceptional nation.”

1. Serbia 2. Torture at Abu Graib 3. Phony “color revolution” in Ukraine (2004)


2010: It wasn’t North Korea that plotted and executed the “Arab Spring”  proxy wars that have visited so much death, destruction and chaos on Libya and Syria. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

Ongoing: It wasn’t North Korea that, for decades, has provided sophisticated weaponry and protective diplomatic cover to enable the terrorist “State of Israel” TM to torment and kill the poor dispossessed Palestinians whenever the heck they feel like it. It was the “the exceptional nation.”

2014: It wasn’t North Korea that organized and executed the violent overthrow of the duly-elected president of Ukraine, thus triggering an East-West civil war which threatens to spill into Europe. It was the “the exceptional nation.” 

1. Brave Israeli troops, protected by US politicians, terrorize little Palestinian boy  2. Syria was devastated by US-armed proxy terrorists  3. McCain the Insane incites a violent coup in Ukraine  


North Korea has neither attacked nor threatened any country. It’s current “threats” against what North Korea’s English language news service describes as the American “warmonger puppets” Japan and South Korea are all — repeat all — issued in the context of self-defense in the event of a US attack.

Oh, and one more thing, while we’re on the subject of “nukes” — going back 72 years, it wasn’t North Korea that dropped not one, but two, of these Satanic instruments upon the helpless civilians of Japan — a nation that had been trying to negotiate a surrender for months. No sir, that act of “infamy” was also the dirty work of “the exceptional nation.”

Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times, are still of the opinion that Trump, regardless of the warmongering slime surrounding him, is in back-channel “cahoots” with Putin of Russia, Xi of China, and Lil Kim of North Korea to thwart the Israel Firster Neo-Con / Neo Lib warmongers. (Israel regards North Korea as a major enemy because of its weapons / technology business with Syria and Iran). When the situation appears ready to reach a climax, expect an 11th hour “deal” to avert catastrophe and leave the warmongers with yet another nasty case of “blue balls” — just like when the “tease” Trump followed up his fake “missile attack” on empty Syrian spaces with a cutoff of CIA weapons to Syrian “rebels.”
That’s been our forecast, and we’re sticking to it.
About those “weapons of mass destruction.”
After the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japanese women and children, Hiroshima Harry Truman warned of a “rain of ruin,” — then dropped another one just 3 days later!


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Ambassador Haley laid down the law regarding North Korea at the UN.

Boobus Americanus 2: We cannot allow that Kim fellow to keep firing missiles at our allies.



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Anti-New York Times Editorial: Labor Day is a Communist Holiday


As we prepare to kick up our respective feet and paws for a bit of extended no-writing R&R and gluttonous BBQing for Labor DaySugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times, thought it would be interesting to review how this “holiday” came about. With all due respect to the diminishing numbers of “blue collar” working folks who keep the country afloat, the fact is, Labor Day is every bit as much of a communist creation as May Day (May 1st). As a matter of fact, May Day (the date of the founding of the Illuminati in 1776)is also known as International Workers’ Day and/or Labor Day in many other countries.

But here in the turn-of-the-19th-century anti-communist United States, establishing a Labor Day holiday on May 1st would never have been be possible — much too obvious. And so, the communists and their libtard dupes instead lobbied for the first Monday in September. Labor Day was heavily promoted by the Central Labor Union (forerunner of the AFL-CIO) and the  Knights of Labor KoL (some of whose members were involved in the infamous Haymarket Square riots of 1886)The masonic-linked unions organized the first parade in New York City. In 1887, Oregon became the first U.S. state to proclaim it as an official public holiday. By the time it became an official federal holiday in 1894, thirty states had already officially, and innocently, adopted the communist-inspired Labor Day.  HaymarketRiot-Harpers.jpg

1- The early labor movement was not shy about showing off communist symbolism, like the clenched fist. Caption reads: “The Hand That Will Rule the World — One Big Union

2- The logo for the Knights of Labor — an Illuminati pyramid, inside of apentagram, superimposed over a five point star

3- The Marxist-influenced labor unions instigated the Haymarket Squareriots of 1886, in which 7 Chicago policemen were killed


Since the days of Karl Marx and his “workers of the world unite” shtick, the “anti-capitalist” Reds have always manipulated the passions of “the working man” TM as a means to destabilize the system and redirect power and wealth towards a super-centralized state. That state, of course, is then financed and controlled by the very same big banker “capitalists” that secretly control the “anti-capitalist” Reds! The big joke on Joe Hardhat, who may very well have legitimate grievances and honest concerns about his work conditions, is that neither the Red union bosses nor their secret capitalist bosses give a rat’s ass about him. Once the national economy is consolidated into the hands of the New World Order big money boys, “the working man” TM – who had so faithfully and often violently fought for “change” – gets tossed aside like a used up lemon. Whatever good that his union may have done for him and his family was only a necessary side-effect, never the main objective.

And that is why the phony labor bosses chose to only cosmetically fight the Globalists’ disastrous job-killing NAFTA trade deal of 1994; and it is also why they are strangely silent about Obongo’s push to ratify the doubly disastrous TPPtrade deal. The banker “capitalists” hold a tight leash on their “labor leader” puppets — a hidden reality which The Great One (that’s Hitler for you newbies)understood and warned about many years ago. Indeed, very soon after coming to power in Germany in 1933, Hitler disbanded the Marxist trade unions. He replaced them with the German Labor Front, an organization which imposed better working conditions while respecting the interests of business and industry. In short order, both management and labor came to respect each other and work as a team.

1- The flag of the German Labor Front which replaced the Red unions of Germany — Hitler cleverly appropriated communist labor symbols and colors to draw workers away from the Reds and to his movement instead.

2- German propaganda poster places factory worker, businessman, and doctor/scientist on the same level — to be respected equally.

3- Hitler receives a “rock star” welcome upon visiting a German factory 


In Mein Kampf, Hitler’s famous autobiography, Hitler claimed that unions“created the economic weapon which the international world Jew uses for the ruination of the economic basis of free, independent states, for the annihilation of their national industry and of their national commerce, and thereby for the enslavement of free people in the service of the above-the-state-standing, world finance Jewry. Boy-oh-boy did he nail it! The game works the same today as it did back then, notwithstanding the fact that unions aren’t as powerful as they once were.

Hitler showed the world that the dignity and welfare of labor and the legitimate interests of the business class need not be adversarial concerns. To the contrary, when labor and management come to respect each other and work together, it benefits all. Unfortunately, in today’s America, too many propagandized union members fail to appreciate what it really takes to keep a business up and running. Likewise, too many CEO’s do indeed (pardon the commie-sounding slogan here)“place profits over people.” We sure could use another Great One again.

In spite of the holiday’s Red origins, a very relaxing Labor Day extended weekend and cookout to our readers. The real QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show / Election Season) and God only knows what else, begins the day after Monday.

“Some wienerschnitzel, boss?”

“Danke, but nein. I am a vegetarian.”

Boobus Americanus 1: I’m going to the mountains. What are your plans this Labor Day weekend?

Boobus Americanus 2:  Just a cookout, drink a few beers, watch some baseball. Can’t wait for football season to start the week after!



Sugar:  The ass-clown boobusses remain blisssfully obliviouss to the decline and danger that continuess to unflold around his earss.

Editor: Who can predict “spontaneous” events?
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Washington Post: Harvey is a 1,000-year Flood Event Unprecedented in Scale

NY Times: A 500 Year Flood


A Google Search of the term “Harvey 1000 year flood” yields 1,600,000 results. How anyone can claim a “1000 year” anything when the recorded history of the Houston area only goes back about 200 years is as baffling as it is amusing. But even if that 1,000 year number is an exaggeration (some say “500 year storm”)surely, no one disputes that Tropical Storm Harvey set a record for the highest rainfall total in US History (continental US, that is) — coming in at just under 52 inches. Of that, there is no doubt. Right? — Not exactly.

Something just didn’t smell right to Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat about all this “unprecedented” talk about Harvey’s rainfall totals and the associated in-your-face suggestions by the Affirmative Action Fake Scientist Neil DeGreaseball Tyson and the talking heads of the Fake News that the storm is evidence of manmade, CO2-based “Global Warming” TM / “Climate Change TM.” So we did a little poking around cyberspace and made some interesting discoveries. None of this mitigates the scope of the disaster and human suffering in the Houston Metro area, of course, but we want to set the record straight about this “1000 year storm” because the Piranha Press is up to something here.


About that “1000 years”

The 50-inch mark was surpassed only in one town, Cedar Bayou at 51.88. To the east, Beaumont-Port Arthur recorded 47.3. To the west, La Porte: 36.2, Houston: 43.3, Katy: 31.2 (totals here). Averaging out the five hardest hit regions yields a number of 41.97 inches. Now that’s still a hell-of-a-lot of rain, but, it is almost 20% less than the high point average that is exclusively quoted by the Piranha Press. It also brings Harvey down a few notches to the point where it is comparable to Tropical Storm Amelia of 1978 (here) and Tropical Storm Claudette of 1979 (here) — both of which drenched the Houston / Southeast area with average volume totals well over 40-inches, and highs in the upper 40’s.


When we average out Cedar Bayou with the neighboring area, Harvey drops into the low 40’s — more like a 30-40 year rainstorm, not “1000.” — (and it may very well have been geo-engineered to boot!)

1. Make-Believe “scientist” Neil DeGasBag Tyson slammed “climate deniers” after Harvey’s supposedly “unprecedented” rainfall totals. 2 & 3:Amelia and Claudette dumped just as much total rain (perhaps even more!) in back-to-back years during the 1970’s.


So you see, not only was Harvey NOT the “1000 year event” that the warmists keep insisting it was — but we need only go back 38 years for a similar rainfall total, and then just 1 more year prior to that for yet another! The difference between those two monster storms and Harvey was that the Houston Metro area had only about half the population and half the development than it does today. Hence, the death and destruction associated with Harvey will end up being far more severe (although it appears that the government-media complex may be covering up the true death toll, but that’s another story).

But the Fake Statistics may even run deeper.


About that “52 inches”

The Washington Compost cites John Nielsen-Gammonthe “Texas state climatologist” as the sole source for the 50.90-inch mark (here) and qualifies his claim thusly:

“All rainfalls totals from this storm are still preliminary and require review. But, if verified, this amount breaks not only the Texas state rainfall record but also the record for the remaining Lower 48 states.” (emphasis added)

So, the reports about the breaking of the 50-inch barrier, in that one area, are “preliminary” and “require review.” Interesting. Even more interesting is the shady background of this “state climatologist.” Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times has learned and confirmed that John Nielsen-Gammon is a Professor at Texas A & M and a hard-core Global Warmist with a history of manipulating data in order to “prove” that Global Warming TMis real.

Texas “State Climatologist” John Nielsen-Gammon teaches CO2 warmist crap to gullible students at Texas A&M. He is the one who started the “50 + inch” mantra that millions of us are now repeating.


In an April 2012 article appearing in the Houston Chronicle, titled: About That Lack of Warming (here), Gammon used cooked numbers to explain away the fact that the Earth had not warmed in previous years. He begins his propaganda piece by conceding this fact:

“It’s common knowledge among those who follow such things that global temperatures have not gone up very much in the past several years.  This has caused many to believe that the recent lack of warming contradicts what climate models say should happen.” 

Gammon then broke out into a classic “Fallacy of Verbosity and Complexity” line of attack in which he blamed the flat temperatures on the “La Nina” and “El Nino” phenomena.

Gammon continued:

“I decided to take a simple approach at looking at the effect of ENSO.  Using GISTemp Land/Ocean Index values and Niño 3.4 values, I computed 12-month running averages of Niño 3.4 and compared them to the average GISTemp values at lags of 0, 3, and 6 months.  Foster and Rahmsdorf used a different ENSO index and found optimal lags between 2 and 5 months.  So one would guess that a 3-month lag would fit the data best in my case, and indeed it did.

The normal threshold for El Niño or La Niña, as applied by the Climate Prediction Center, is for five consecutive months of at least 0.5 C above or below normal in a key region of the tropical Pacific.  For working with annual data, I decided to call an annual average above 0.5 C an El Niño and an annual average below -0.5 C a La Niña.  Then I plotted it up, color-coding each year for whether it was El Niño, La Niña, or neither (neutral).  Here’s the result:”

Gammon included the following chart: 

Temperatures since 1950Temperature trends since 1967

Figures lie and liars figure.

And finally, on the basis of his mathematical masturbation, Gammon concluded his hit-piece against “climate deniers” with this bit of Marxist mockery:

“So about that lack of warming:  Yes, it’s real.  You can thank La Niña. As for whether this means that (greenhouse) gases are no longer having an impact:Nice try.”

This then is the government-funded “scientist” whose “unverified” claim of a “record” of “52 inches” is now being repeated by millions and millions of unsuspecting people, including, up until just yesterday, your intrepid reporters here! Again, none of this mitigates the scope of the disaster, but it certainly offers us a “teachable moment” TM about how lies are manufactured, injected and disseminated throughout an unsuspecting population. In this case, the related lies of “1000 years” and “record 50 inches” serve the purpose of selling the big lie that Harvey was caused by “Global Warming” TM / “Climate Change TM.”

“Nice try,” Mr. DeGoofy Tyson and Mr. Gammon. Nice try.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the 50 inches of rain that Harvey dropped on Houston makes it a 500 Year flood.

Boobus Americanus 2: The Washington Post is saying it was a 1000 Year flood.



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“I would love to leave Andrew Jackson and see if we can maybe come up with another denomination,” President Trump said in April 2016, after Treasury announced its decision to replace Jackson on the $20 bIll.

NY Times: Mnuchin Doesn’t Endorse Placing Harriet Tubman on the New $20 Bill

Though now surrounded by New York libtards and mad generals, Orange Mancontinues to show flashes of independence that give us cause for hope — albeit the type of guarded “hope” that a shipwreck survivor might feel upon spotting a piece of driftwood in shark-infested waters. The White House has just signaled that Aunt Jemima, er,  St. Harriet Tubman may not be bumping Andrew the Great off of the $20 bill after all. Yaaay!!!
Side Note: The original Aunt Jemima pancake lady was deemed “racist” TM — and given a modern makeover.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (cough cough), clearly under Trump’s instructions, declined to endorse the 2020 redesign of the $20 bill — a scheme announced by Obongo’s Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew (cough cough) just last year. Mnuchin:

“People have been on the bills for a long period of time. This is something we’ll consider. Right now we’ve got a lot more important issues to focus on.”

From the overall tone of this article by Binyamin Appelbaum (ya think that’s a “cough cough?”) — it’s clear that Sulzberger’s anti-White crime gang is not at all happy about  Aunt Jemima, er,  St. Harriet Tubman being denied a spot on the most commonly used unit of American currency. Let’s have a closer look at a select few of Appelbaum’s underhanded distortions and cheap shots. Hazmat suits and goggles on, boys and girls. Into the cesspool we go!

Benny seems upset because Andrew the Great will no longer be bumped off by Aunt Jemima, er,  St. Harriet Tubman.


Appelbaum: President Trump, who has described himself as a “big fan” of the populist rabble-rousing president from Tennessee,

Rebuttal: When the high & mighty scum of Manhattan speak of “rabble rousing” — they are, in Jackson’s case, referring to lines such as this:

“Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin. Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, I will rout you out.

* From the original minutes of the Philadelphia committee of citizens sent to meet with President Jackson (February 1834), according to Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United States (1928) by Stan V. Henkels 

Appelbaum: Trump made clear as a candidate that he didn’t like the proposal to replace Jackson. … Mr. Trump has not addressed the issue since becoming president, but he traveled to Tennessee in March to celebrate Jackson’s 250th birthday. His visit included laying a wreath at the former president’s tomb at The Hermitage…

Rebuttal: For some reason, Orange Man has a thing for Andrew the Great. Add another piece of driftwood to the frigid raging water surrounding the wreck of the USS America.

Appelbaum: …. the plantation where Jackson kept more than 100 slaves.

Rebuttal: Benny just had to throw that “more than 100 slaves” statistic in there — just to show what a “racist” TM that Orange Man chose as his presidential role model. But  here’s a Jacksonian quote — his last words actually — that the usual suspects won’t tell you about:

“Oh, do not cry. Be good children, and we shall all meet in heaven… I want to meet you all, White and Black, in heaven.”

Indeed, Jackson’s leniency and good treatment of his slaves even brought him into conflict with his plantation’s overseer. (here) He also freed his slaves upon his death. This is neither to apologize nor mitigate the wrongs of the institution of slavery, of course — but we believe that historical figures should be judged within the context of their day. The real villains of the slave trade were the slave-trading-kidnapper/traffickers, who, unbeknown to most people, were mainly of the “cough cough.”

Appelbaum: Mr. Trump described Jackson’s presidency as a model for his own, portraying Jackson as a populist hero who had fought against government corruption.

Rebuttal: Notice how Benny the Bolshevik put this line immediately after the “100 slaves” comment? The not-so-subtle message is that Orange Man is soft on slavery.

Appelbaum: Mr. Trump also put a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office.

Rebuttal: More driftwood for us, boys and girls — more driftwood.
1 & 2. Jackson “ended the Fed” of his day, paid off the National Debt down to zero, and then survived an assassination attempt.
3 & 4. Trump has an unusual fascination with Andrew the Great. Hmmm.

Appelbaum: The Obama administration initially announced that it wanted to put a woman on the $10 bill, but a public outcry against the replacement of Alexander Hamilton… prompted a change in plans.

Rebuttal: The plan was to dump the hated anti-banker Jackson all along.The usual suspects only pretended to originally target the New York banker Alexander Hamilton so that it wouldn’t look like a deliberate “hit” on Jackson. The manufactured success of the puffed-up Broadway play “Hamilton” was used as the excuse for saving Hamilton. The fact that a woman was set to be placed on a bill in 2020 — the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage (right to vote granted) — shows that Jackson’s $20 was the target all along.

Appelbaum: (Treasury Secretary) Jacob J. Lew was aware when he made the decision to redesign the currency that its fate would rest with Mr. Obama’s successor. But he said then that he doubted it would be reversed.

“I don’t think somebody’s going to probably want to do that — to take the image of Harriet Tubman off of our money? To take the image of the suffragists off?” he said.

Rebuttal: You see, Lew, like all New York lefties, was counting on the fact that Killary was going to be the next President. No way Hillary would ever ditch St. Harriet! But in the event a Republican were to win the 2016 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show), Lew, by his own admission, believed that no Republican’t would have the balls to “take the image of Harriet Tubman off of our money?” Well, “yall sho nuff” thought wrong, Jack!

Appelbaum: Harriet Tubman was born enslaved, escaped to freedom and then returned repeatedly to Maryland to lead other slaves to freedom.

Rebuttal: No one can blame her for that. But Benny leaves out the part about Tubman’s support for the mass murdering White abolitionist, the certifiably insane John Brown.

Appelbaum: She served as a Union scout during the Civil War…

Rebuttal: “Scout?” No, she was a Union SPY. Again, no one can blame her for that, but let’s not play with words here, Benny.

1. Obongo and Jack Lew (cough cough) attempted to kill Jackson’s memory. 2. The manufactured “success” of the Broadway Show, “Hamilton” was used as the phony pretext for keeping the New York banker Alexander Hamilton on the $10 note, and dumping Jackson instead. 3. John Brown was a nutcase and convicted mass murderer of Whites that St. Harriet Tubman collaborated with and praised. (here)


Appelbaum: … and later become a prominent advocate for giving women the right to vote.

Rebuttal: And we see what that has gotten us. (No offense, ladies)

Appelbaum: Jackson’s historical legacy is fraught. He was a populist hero, and is still celebrated with Thomas Jefferson as the founding fathers of the Democratic Party.

Rebuttal: That was long before the late 19th / early 20th Century Marxist imports from Europe (cough cough) began to slowly transfom the Democrat Party into what it has become today.

Appelbaum: He also orchestrated the removal of Native Americans from lands to the east of the Mississippi River, sending them on the long march West still remembered as the “Trail of Tears.”

Rebuttal: The “Trail of Tears” TM was not that big of a deal, and the numbers of Indians who died during the “grueling trek” along pre-made trials is not clear and surely exxagerted by modern day historians. In fact, it wasn’t even referred to as “The “Trail of Tears” TM until creative writers and journalists gave it that name decades after the fact.

The Indian relocation was actually part of a negotiated deal that was renegotiated when the tribal leaders demanded more money. That’s a far better deal than the Palestinians got when they fled in fear of the Jewish terror gangs that were killing them in 1948-49. Now that’s a real “Trail of Tears” that you’ll not hear from the likes of Benny.

Appelbaum: And he caused one of the deepest recessions in American history by preventing a new charter for the Second Bank of the United States, a forerunner of the Federal Reserve.

Rebuttal: Liar!!! It was the Central Bank (which Jackson eventually killed) that deliberately caused that Depression as part of its dirty war against Jackson. Benny damn well knows this, but he won’t tell you because he loves the Federal Reserve, which is, in essence, the Third Bank of the United States — imposed upon us by Rothschild’s “American” agents in 1913. 

From Benny’s Wikipedia entry: Appelbaum covers the Federal Reserve and other aspects of economic policy.”

Appelbaum: Jackson also strongly opposed the use of paper money.

Rebuttal: Yes he did, which is very ironic. Nonetheless, we are very happy that Andrew the Great’s handsome mug will continue to spew forth from the nation’s ATM machines. Oh if only his legacy could be restored now as well!

1. As part of his war against Andrew the Great, Central Bank Chief Nicholas Biddle‘s contracted the money supply in order to create a Depression which he hoped would be blamed on Jackson. 2 & 3. The “Trail of Tears” compensated migration wasn’t the horror show depicted by latter day historians.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is going to block Harriet Tubman from replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! In the wake of Charlottesville Nazi violence, that’s really insensitive on Trump’s part.


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