The Zionists (Creators of Nazi’s) Love Us So Much They Are Poisoning the Air, Food, H2O
Food now engineered into eugenics sterilization weapon for depopulation
Mike Adams New breakthroughs in “RNA interference” technology allow food to be genetically engineered — “weaponized” — to target certain life forms for sterilization.

This is all mainstream science, by the way. I’ve linked to half a dozen sources in my research article that document all this.

In effect, food can now be “weaponized” to target Blacks (or Whites, or Latinos, etc.). If you know anything about the history of eugenics, you will understand why this is such an urgent message.

In 1969, the New York Times even published an article calling for food to be laced with sterilization chemicals to eliminate Blacks.

Click here for the full, astonishing story plus video.

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