ZIONIST Satanyahu Threatens Putin-Zionism= Synagogue of Satan-Father of All Lies & Deceit

Iran’s Mounting Involvement in Syria ‘Threat to Entire World’, Netanyahu Tells Putinby MG editor

ed note–Chock full of goodies, as the saying goes.

1. When Netanyahu talks about the ‘entire world’ being threatened by Iran’s presence in Syria, what he really means is 2 things–

A. In the Zionist paradigm, Israel is the ‘entire world’. The rest of the world, all 7 billion people, are Gentiles and by definition, are not human and therefore don’t count, and

B. It is a veiled threat that if Israel doesn’t get her way with regards to Iran being driven out of Syria that the Zionist state will make good on its thousands-years-old wet dream of incinerating those aforementioned 7 billion Gentiles.

2. Also note Netanyahu’s statement concerning the ‘internal problems at the White House’ that have ‘made it difficult’ for the U.S. administration to ‘devote time and attention to the matters in Syria’. Those ‘internal problems’ are the direct result of Netanyahu and his extended family members causing the Trump admin so much headache and heartache that they can’t move one degree in any direction without facing a wall of Judaic screeching and hollering, whether it is about ‘RussiaGate’ or ‘StatueGate’ or whatever. The situation as it exists right now, where the US and Russia are finding it increasingly difficult to ‘do business’ with each other as a result of all the domestic noise being generated by the ZMSM is exactly the situation that Netanyahu wants/needs and all his noises and gestures SUGGESTING his disappointment/disapproval are nothing but crocodile tears hiding what is a giant grin on his part for all the trouble he and his ‘peeps’ have caused.

As we say here often, as irrevocable as the laws of gravity is that dictum pertaining to the Zionist penchant for dishonesty and duplicity, which can be encapsulated and understood in the following statement coined by yours truly–

‘Fish swim, birds fly, and Zionists lie.’

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