Ronald Bernard, Ex-illuminati Bankster Tells All

Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard Continues Blowing the Whistle: Part 2 “Real Big Power”

Part one (link below) was highly popular and provided an unrivaled view of the financial industry through the eyes of an insider; one who openly wept as he spoke of the acts of child sacrifice the pedophilic psychopaths engage in on a regular basis.

Toward the end of the video he reveals that he and his partners are doing the circuit to open our eyes to the truth of the previously hidden world of high finance; the practices of the “banksters” who literally run the planet and create the misery we now consider “normal”.

Ronald has been attacked and discredited, of course, but will continue. I would say this fellow has atoned for his questionable acts in the past. He broke free and is now in service to Humanity. He is forgiven, and may he be protected. 

If you didn’t understand how debt instruments work to enslave us and ensure prolonged Human suffering, you will after this session with Ronald.

Thank you to Irma Schiffers and Ronald for these invaluable interviews. I eagerly await the next installments you’ve promised. 

There are clear English subtitles in the video.  ~ BP

Published on Jun 9, 2017

DVM-TV Part 2: Dutch spoken, English subs. A DVM-TV production.
In accordance with part 1 (link below) see here part 2, in which Ronald Bernard describes how the pyramid of power functions and converges. At the end of the interview you see a short overview of part 3 in which many questions will be answered. Soon more parts will follow. Related article: https://irmaschiffers2014.wordpress.c
Part 1, full version:

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