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On Friday, August 18, China Daily’s U.S. weekend edition featured a front page interview of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, recognizing her role and that of her husband in China’s One Belt, One Road project. President Obama opposed U.S. participation in the greatest physical infrastructure building project ever undertaken by human beings. President Trump has signaled that he wants to pursue it.

When the China Daily article was published, the country was still reeling from the “color revolution” stunt pulled in Charlottesville as part of the seditious conspiracy against the President. We are asking you to watch Monday’s update on to get a full briefing on the situation.

As we outline in our Monday Update, LaRouchePAC has fully exposed the fact that the Russiagate coup against Trump is a fraud which is now unraveling and we continue to petition the President to expose the British hand in the attempted coup against him.

Now, using the same methods employed by the British and Obama’s State Department in Ukraine, former U.S. State Department operatives, all associated with George Soros and the Obama directed Tom Perreillo campaign for Governor of Virginia, John Podesta’s Center for American Progress, and a bunch of FBI soaked racists and Nazis conspired to have gang/countergang race fight in Charlottesville. Now, this nation’s racial discord developed by British sponsorship of the slave trade and the confederacy to subvert this country, is to be blamed on Donald Trump.

With respect to Charlottesville, President Trump, the LaRouches, and former Martin Luther King lieutenant Andrew Young say the same thing: the longstanding problem of race in the U.S. is a problem of poverty which will only be solved by large scale economic development of the United States. And to defeat the coup against him and save the people, the President needs urgently to start economic development right now, by boldly going around official Washington and announcing that the U.S. will join the Belt and Road, starting high speed rail construction throughout the U.S. and working with China to develop similar projects world-wide, resulting in thousands of productive jobs. LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery of the United States must be implemented at the same time.

This is our call to you. Now is the time to fight. Watch the show. If you haven’t already, sign our petition and more importantly, volunteer to circulate it among your friends and neighbors. Call 800-929-7566 to volunteer and get further involved in this fight.

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