The Truth About Hezbollah by Anti-New York Slimes (Sulzberger Zionist Fake News Network)

New York Times: Hezbollah: Iran’s Middle East Agent, Emissary and Hammer


For three decades, the heroes of Hezbollah have fiercely defended southern Lebanon against the territorial encroachment of the expansionist terror-state of Israel. The military arm of this militia / political movement operates a network of bunkers and tunnels near Lebanon’s southern border, trains thousands of fearless fighters, and maintains a large arsenal of rockets capable of striking Israel in the event the Zionist beast wants to pick a fight.

Hezbollah (“The Party of God”) was formed in 1982 in response to expansionist Israel’s invasion of southern Lebanon and brutal bombardment of the Muslim areas of the northern-central capital city of Beirut. The oh-so-predictable Zionist pretext for the invasion and air raids was “to fight terrorism.” The real reason dates back to the original founding of “Israel.” For geographic, industrial, and fresh water reasons, the Zionists have always wanted the Litani River to delineate the northern border of Israel.



The Israelis want southern Lebanon and the Litani River. The brave militias of Hezbollah (Images 2 & 3) won’t allow that to happen. 


Neither by military maneuvers nor by covert means has the Israel / US Axis of Evil been able to defeat Hezbollah. In 2005, the Mossad / CIA complex triggered the ‘Cedar Revolution’ in Lebanon by killing a prominent Lebanese politician and fingering Syria. The goal of this “color revolution” was to muscle Syrian and Iranian influence out of Lebanon, thus leaving Hezbollah isolated from its main financial backers and suppliers. The phony revolution failed.

In 2006, Israel used the pretext of “kidnapped Israeli soldiers” to invade southern Lebanon. Pardon the mild vulgarity, but the invading Israeli Defense Forces got their sorry asses kicked so hard they ran back into Israel crying, literally!


After the 2005 Cedar Revolution fizzled, the 2006 invasion was an unmitigated rout! Soft and weak Israeli soldiers then openly cried for their fallen fellow invaders.



1- Disciplined and well-armed, Hezbollah Green Berets ain’t no joke!   2- Iran is not even close to Israel (about 700 miles away). The real “threat” to Israel is Iran’s financial and military support of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Syria.


For no other reason than it has successfully resisted Israeli aggression, Hezbollah is classified as a “terrorist organization” by the US State Department. In reality, as this article does indeed point out, Hezbollah has inflicted enormous losses on the real terrorist mercenaries, namely, the “moderate rebels” of Syria and the scum of “ISIS.” Whilst Vlad the Bad pounded the snot out of the imported “rebels” from the air, it was Hezbollah and the Syrian army that did  most of the dirty and dangerous work on the ground. In a worrisome tone, the article explains the good news about the growing might of Iranian-backed Hezbollah:

“It Hezbollah has rapidly expanded its realm of operations. It has sent legions of fighters to Syria. It has sent trainers to Iraq. It has backed rebels in Yemen. And it has helped organize a battalion of militants from Afghanistan that can fight almost anywhere.

As a result, Hezbollah is not just a power unto itself, but is one of the most important instruments in the drive for regional supremacy by its sponsor: Iran.

Hezbollah is involved in nearly every fight that matters to Iran and, more significantly, has helped recruit, train and arm an array of new militant groups that are also advancing Iran’s agenda.

In Syria, the militias have played a major role in propping up President Bashar al-Assad, an important Iranian ally. In Iraq, they are battling the Islamic State and promoting Iranian interests. In Yemen, they have taken over the capital city and dragged Saudi Arabia, an Iranian foe, into a costly quagmire. In Lebanon, they broadcast pro-Iranian news and build forces to fight Israel.”

From Syria to Iraq to Yemen, the emerging alliance of Russia-China-Iran-Hezbollah is thwarting the Globo-Zionist Axis at every turn, and this defiance has got the chosenites at Sulzberger’s Slimes very “concerned.” The article quotes Hashim al-Musawi, a spokesman for Hezbollah:

“If anyone asks why we went to Syria, ask them what allowed the Americans to occupy countries. We didn’t sneak in, we entered through the door.”

Tell it, Hashim, tell it. And hip-hip-hooray for Hezbollah!



1. An Israeli Merkava tank with its cannon twisted like a pretzel is displayed at a war museum operated by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. 2. Hezbollah fighter unfurls his banner in Syria. 3Assad of Syria has heroically withstood the evil mercenary forces of NATO / Israel, but he couldn’t have done it without Hezbollah, Iran and Russia backing him.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today’s New York Times that Iran is using Hezbollah as its hammer to expand its influence throughout the region.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow. That’s scary.

Sugar:  Boobuss, you frickin’ pusssy! What Iran and Hezbollah are doing iss not sscary,  It’s sself-defensse!

 Editor: Pretty much all of the “bad guys” of Fake History were actually just acting in self-defense.



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