United States Citizens Used as Collateral For United States Debt: Guess Who Owns Us??? CHINA!!!

$14.3 Quadrillion Lien Taken Against All U.S. Land, Real Estate and People on July 28, 2011

Who established the North American Water and Power Alliance? And why did they really do it?

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following post was sent to the SOTN Editor via the website email.  It presents information that has been out there on the Internet for some time but which has never been satisfactorily explained.  The author goes further than anyone else in connecting the dots so that an enormous and unparalleled transaction can be better understood.

However, the real back story to this exceedingly suspicious lien against the USA has yet to be disclosed.  SOTN invites any other IRS investigators and/or FED researchers to provide more facts surrounding this highly unusual case.  The case concerns a little-known entity that goes by the name of The North American Water and Power Alliance. As follows: The North American Water and Power Alliance & the Biosphere

Please feel free to forward additional proof of fraud to this email address: SOTNeditor1@gmail.com.  All hard evidence will treated with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Thank you,
State of the Nation

My Comment:  The impending collapse spells doom for this country.  MUST GET GLASS-STEAGALL TP PASS CONGRESS AND trillions of dollars of INFRASTRUCTURE putting people to work!  Or else this following prophecy could become a reality:

see unitedstatesprophecy.com/American holocaust

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