Elites Jumping Ship As Financial Collapse Looms-Check Out LarouchePac’s Plan For Recovery!

February 25, 2017

Digital report now available! In November 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping officially invited the United States to leave confrontational geopolitics aside and join the largest infrastructure and economic development initiative in human history, centering around the New Silk Road program. This “win-win” collaboration, together with LaRouche’s Four Laws, will be the fastest way for America to rebuild its decaying infrastructure, create productive employment, and secure a prosperous future. President Obama rejected this offer at the time. Will President Donald Trump now accept it?…read more

My Comment:  It is time to go to Town Halls and address Congress members about 1. Glass-steagall 2. Public Credit For Infrastructure Building 3. Election Integrity Law to be Passed 4. Getting Rid of Zionist Pledge-Khazar Mafia Running Our Gov’t By Forcing Politicians to Kow tow to Them Via this Pledge.

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