Judaic/Torah Indoctrination & Violent Crime!

16 year old Israeli Girl arrested for forcing 13-year-old into prostitution

by MG editor

Victim was coerced into having sex with 31-year-old man, subjected to massive physical abuse, apparently over $85 gambling debt

ed note–please note the more shocking details of the story–

‘…the victim was forced at a local beach to put her head into a hole that had been dug that was then filled with sand and water. The young victim also sustained cigarette burns to her face and body, had a fire extinguisher thrown at her, was choked with a piece of cloth and was told she would be killed if she failed to come up with the cash. The 16-year-old then threatened the victim that she would put an explosive device under her mother’s car and burn her house down if she failed to come up with the money.’

THIS is the end result of Judaic/Torah indoctrination–a violent, gangster mindset that has no qualms about engaging in whatever criminal activity is necessary if the end result–the aggressor’s demands being met–is achieved, and if teenagers in Israel are willing to engage in this, imagine what their older, more /mature’ members of the tribe are willing to do on an international and geo-political scale. 

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