Saudi’s Support Dollar Dominance Which is Real Reason They’re Our Allies-It’s ALL About the Money

The Secret Saudi-Dollar ConnectionSmith/Ponte/SATC
President Donald Trump was greeted and treated like a wise and welcome world leader and ally in Saudi Arabia. But the media said almost nothing of the secret connections that for 46 years have kept our two nations linked in a special, mutually-dependent relationship….After printing billions to fight the Vietnam War, he announced in August 1971 that the U.S. would no longer redeem dollars for gold. Without its gold anchor, the dollar tried to float but its value promptly sank by a third….Nixon then ‘negotiated an agreement with Saudi Arabia that the Muslim nation would sell its oil only in exchange for U.S. Dollars,’ as we explain in our latest book, Money, Morality, & the Machine. ‘This shored up the dollar’s status as the global reserve currency, a tremendous boon to us because we exclusively manufacture legal U.S. Dollars,’ we write. Our global economic dominance – with at lea! st 40 percent of world trade in dollars – was made possible by the Saudi special relationship….This ‘petrodollar’ symbiosis has made Saudi Arabia the biggest purchaser of our weapons and one of the biggest buyers of our ever-growing debt. This was again on display during President Trump’s visit as American corporate leaders were on hand along with weapon sales of at least $110 Billion and total sales from U.S. companies that could top $350 Billion over the next ten years as the Saudis diversify away from oil. Full story

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