Ashkenazi Zionists Determined to Bring Trump Down

Israel said to be the source of intel Trump gave to Russians

by MG editor

NY Times warns info could ‘find its way to Iran’

ed note–So, a mere few days before Trump goes to Israel and gives his speech at Masada where he is expected to announce that a ‘change of weather’ has taken place vis a vis unbridled American support for Israel, and as such, Uncle Sam has adopted an ‘independent’ position with regards to the Palestinian situation, and VOILA–a news scandal breaks re-igniting the inferno that Netanyahu and his people lit months ago intimating that Trump was a ‘puppet of Putin’, but this time, for added flavor, (in galvanizing the pro-Israel Christian right) it is now intimated that Trump ‘betrayed our ally, the Jewish state,’ by passing along ‘classified intelligence’ to Russia, who is aligned with Syria and Iran.

The only thing missing in writing this script is Spielberg.

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