Zionist Israel Long Campaign of Terrorism

Assad accuses Israel of waging war against Syria via rebelsby MG editor

Syrian President charges Jewish state is supporting ‘terrorist’ proxies as part of military campaign to topple him

ed note–all can rest assured that the Syrians, Russians, Iranians and others involved in all of this have severely damaging information viz a viz Israel’s direct involvement but who are holding on to this ace until the best moment to throw it down on the table where it will be the most effective and do the most damage. All can rest assured as well that despite whatever noises come out of DC via Trump that through backdoor channels he is coordinating with the aforementioned players, which underscores why those who are allowing themselves to get worked up over things Trump is saying are in effect only assisting in Israel’s designs by adding to the pressure being applied to Trump with their shoot first/ask questions later approach to all of this.

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