Will Egomaniacal Trump Be Forced to Eat Crow? Israel is a Terrorist State Not Democracy!

Putin: U.S. Planning New Missile Strikes on Syria, Assad Was Framed for Gas Attacks

by MG editor

ed note–now that this thing has been put into motion with the recent missile strikes, the only way to avoid it escalating to the next step which Judea, Inc is demanding is something along the lines of what took place recently with the high-profile arrest of the wannabe terrorist sending the bomb hoaxes, and this is more than likely what is coming, where some player–probably not Putin and definitely not Trump, comes forward with a slam dunk conviction that it the recent gassing of Syrians was not Assad, but rather the Israeli/Western backed terrorists. Trump will be forced to eat crow and apologise for the made-for-show missile strikes on an empty airfield, and then–VOILA–Israel will have yet another of her poison darts–the use of WMDs by her terrorist proxies–taken out of her blowgun.

The bad news in all of this of course is that the further and further that Israel is moved away from attaining what she has been working towards achieving now for 2,000 years the more erratic and desperate she will inevitably become, forcing her to strike out in ways that are best described as ‘apocalyptic’. Read more of this post

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