Trump a No-Show at White House Seder After Missile Attack on Syria: Captain Chaos

Trump a no-show at White House Seder

by MG editor

Passover meal held for staff, but neither president nor his immediate Jewish family members attend; one cabinet member to show is VA head David Shulkin

ed note–as we pointed out in yesterday’s post on this, in the same way that on Hollerco$t Kvetching/Screeching/Wailing/Gnashing of teeth Day he did not specifically centerpiece the Jews, the Jews, the Jews, and the Jews in the official WH statement but rather included EVERYONE who lost their lives in that great bloodletting organized by Judea, Inc, likewise, by not participating in this year’s annual celebration of the Egyptian people as recounted in the book of Exodus, Trump wants the message broadcast loud and clear that he is not some poodle on a leash and that as leader of the American people he has more pressing things with which to deal rather than getting together with a bunch of fundamentalist religious headcases in some kind of Hebrew seance dedicated to the suffering of Gentiles perceived to have crossed GAAAAAWD’S chosen people.

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