How Crooked American Politics Have Become (Only Traitors Allowed At the Top)


A Day Which Will Live in Infamy and From Which We Will Emerge Victorious

1941 Pearl Harbor Attack, Photo: National Archives

maisie –On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked. Lyndon LaRouche often described what Manhattan was like on that day. There was both a stunned silence and sudden rapt attention as everything, as if in an instant, changed. “Within two hours of that announcement of the Pearl Harbor bombing, the American population, or at least most of it, underwent a fundamental transformation in their beliefs, the way they thought about the world, the way they thought about themselves. It happened like that,” LaRouche wrote.

Last night, March 30, 2023, the attack came from our insane Democrats and their financier controllers. A grand jury, brainwashed and sick with Trump Derangement Syndrome, indicted President Donald Trump…READ MORE

But, like Pearl Harbor, this atrocity has only focused us. We are now focused and will win the 2024 election by a landslide and will organize now to do so…We will organize the economic, scientific, and cultural policies by which to create the human renaissance that restores the City on the Hill, our founders’ unique dream and creation, in new form…The people will rally to this just as they transformed themselves after Pearl Harbor. The Rubicon has been crossed, as most commented last night, but it will only lead to a new birth for our nation.


Barbara Boyd

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In the days before the indictment, our coverage made clear what was at stake. The Newsletter concludes with our post on the indicment.

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