Larry Klayman Expose’s CNN’s Hit Piece on Him Using Don Lemon: CNN=Communist News Network

My Comment:  Larry Klayman Names prominent ZIONISTS:  Sheldon Adelson, Zionist Puppet Obama and CNN owned by Zionists to make this a more balanced presentation.  Kudos to Klayman for taking on all these war criminals and traitors.  I salute you Sir!  I hope the American people realize that Klayman is fighting for YOUR RIGHTS!  Venetian Empire in Las Vegas is referencing the prostitution racket Sheldon Adelson makes a fortune off of.  Larry Klayman is fighting the NSA spying which is ILLEGAL.  Hey the Lemon called Don Lemon how about addressing the violation of Constitutional Rights.  Being the Ultra Leftist/Marxist Don Lemon the Lemon doesn’t care about your rights or Constitutional Rights at ALL!  He is up here to promote Obama’s Communist/Marxist ideals!

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