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 NY Times: Alex Jones Urges Infowars Fans to Fight Back, and Send Money
Back in 2009, when the Internet truther community was really starting to unleash cyber-hell on the newly-installed Mr. & Mr. Obongo (not a typo!) and their sped-up drive for communistic world government, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) of the mighty Rockefeller Crime Family, speaking at a committee hearing on “cyber-security,” gave us a glimpse of his totalitarian bent:
“I’m not trying to be dramatic about it, but when the Internet was invented, everyone fell flat on their face because they were so thrilled …. cyber-security has been labelled as the number-one hazard of attack on America. So it really, it really almost makes you have to ask the question: Would it have been better if we had never invented the Internet and used paper and pencil or whatever. And that’s a stupid to thing to say — but it has genuine consequence, because it’s on the Internet that these acts — Department of Defense is attacked 3 million times a day… Whether it is Russia, or China, or some kid in Latvia… It is a fearsome, awesome problem.”
The military-created Internet poses (perhaps by design?) an existential threat to the New World Order and its Fake News illusionists. The only reason the Rockerfellers / Rothschilds et al want control over the Internet is for the purposes of limiting our ability to educate and communicate.  The “concern” for the problems of cyber-security and the hype behind Satanist Lady Gaga’s anti-cyber-bullying campaign were just smokescreens to conceal the planned “regulation” of free speech emanating from so many pesky truther websites. The ghoulish gangsters of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) aren’t even trying to hide their intentions anymore.
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1. Senator Jay Rockefeller regretted the Internet. 2 & 3: The Rockefellers and Rothschilds go way back.
From the article:

“Over the past several days, Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify have removed most of Mr. Jones’s programming from their services in a sweeping effort to rein in those who traffic in online misinformation that draws hundreds of thousands of followers and results in harassment and threats to their targets. Stitcher, LinkedIn and Pinterest have also removed Infowars content.

The moves drastically reduce the audience for Infowars … spreading bizarre conspiracy theories and misinformation. YouTube’s termination of Mr. Jones’s channel cost him access to his 2.4 million subscribers and resulted in the removal of all his past videos. Those videos had amassed billions of views.”

Amazon is now steering traffic away from Jones’ products and Discus has disabled comments on his websites. Though we have often mocked radio host and blogger Alex Jones by referring to his popular website as “DisinfoWars,” and in spite of his egoism, inaccuracies and omissions — the fact remains that Jones’ operation has, over the past 20 years, indeed exposed many NWO conspiracies while serving as a very effective “halfway house” for newbies not yet psychologically prepared to come to the very bottom of the “rabbit hole” where folks like Sugar and me, er, “The Editorial Board” of the Anti-New York Times conduct our important investigative work. This coordinated, multi-pronged and devastating attack which the Deep State / Big Tech commies have launched against Jones is a blow to all of us.
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The tech giants will allow the publication of all manner of filth, indecency, violence, and anti-Trump hatred. But “right-wing conspiracy theories” will not be tolerated.
The Globalists have suffered some setbacks these past two years, and Alex Jones has helped to make “the awakening” possible. Sadly, this sudden clipping of his cyber-wings proves that the New World Order still holds the upper hand. The print and broadcast media were lost a long time ago; therefore the free flow of cyber-information is absolutely critical for we-the-good to remain in the game. But if “they” win the Battle of the Internet, the war will be over — with the good guys losing, as usual.
The peace, prosperity and lives of billions of people worldwide, plus posterity unborn, are in play here. Therefore, with all due respect to the venerable Ron Paul, this is not the time for purist libertarianism — which hold that as “private” entities, the tech commies can choose to publish or not publish whatever content they deem to be fit or not fit. Screw that!
When “private” criminals and traitors become so big that they can tilt the political playing field in their direction, it is not only the right, but the solemn duty of the “good guys” in government / law enforcement to round up the big bosses and crack their skulls open. Sound harsh? Well, that’s actually very mild compared to what the Marxists would do to us if they were ever to acquire the type of political monopoly power which this cyber-censorship of conservatives and nationalists is intended to bring about.
Sorry, Dr. Paul — but the right of humanity to survive outweighs the right of monopoly big tech to suppress the truth that is absolutely necessary for effective citizenship.
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In March of 2017, the corporate cowards at Amazon “pulled the plug” on “The Bad War” — but “youse guys” can still get a copy for a friend here.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today the social media giants have banned Alex Jones from their platforms.

 Boobus Americanus 2: He has no one to blame but himself for spreading conspiracy theories.


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