Did Trump Trick the Zionist Warmongers?

LOL–Arch Neo-Con/Pro-Israel fanatic/Warmonger Daniel Pipes against Trump’s decision to bomb Syria

by MG editor

Although there was much praise for Trump’s decision to bomb Shayrat Air Base, there is another side to the story.

ed note–it was just a matter of time before they figured out that Trump out-Jewed the Jews with this one and that as much as they were/are inclined to cheer wildly over YET ANOTHER Arab/Islamic country being bombed by Judea, Inc’s designated attack dog that the bombing was in truth a worm with a hook hidden deeply inside it.

Note what Pipes, an unregenerate warmonger who has supported and cheered EACH AND EVERY bloodbath–down to the last drop–wrought by the US against Israel’s enemies and when in flagrant violation of the US Constitution–

‘I see this military action as an error. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution requires that American forces fight in every war around the world…’

Note Pipe’s sudden conversion to being a humanitarian who believes that kindness rather than bombs is the way to solve problems in the Middle East–

‘The immense resources of the United States should be dedicated rather to reducing human suffering with blankets and soup’

Pipes recognizes that this strike was/is a disaster in the making in terms of Israel’s ability to implode the Trump presidency and is making no attempt to hide his panic through what are barely concealed and completely fallacious arguments. Read more of this post

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