Why US THAAD Missiles Are Not Defensive But Offensive!


THAAD – The American White Lie


The Americans have successfully coerced the South Koreans to deploy the THAAD missile system in South Korea against the latter’s objection and oppositions from China and Russia. The deployment of THAAD increases the risk of war to all the parties concerned and is detrimental to their national interests except for the Americans. Every one of these countries stands to lose other than the Americans. THAAD’s presence in South Korea only infuriates the North Koreans as well as China and Russia. These countries would now come within the range of American medium range missile attacks. How can it be safer and for peace when these countries would no longer trust the American’s intent and would review all their agreements with the Americans to counter this new threat?

To the South Koreans, they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. The threat of a North Korean attack is an American White Lie that has been propounded daily for the last 60 plus years by the Americans to justify the American military presence in South Korea and to keep the South Koreans as a semi American colony in East Asia after Japan.  The North Koreans would never attack the South unless they are really insane, and would commit a national suicide for the whole of North Korea. The overwhelming superiority of the American military power could see to the destruction of the whole of North Korea within hours without the need to send in a single American soldier into the North. This kind of military superiority of the Americans is enough deterrence to keep any country from attacking South Korea or starting a war against the Americans or their allies. There is no threat of a North Korean invasion of the South. Stop the White Lie.

The pathetic thing is that because of this White Lie, the hapless South Koreans would forever be a semi colony of the American Empire. The threat to South Korean independence is the American presence. And not only that, the South Koreans would have to pay billions for this THAAD system that they did not want, did not ask for it, did not want to pay for it, and the system does not serve their national and security interests but the interests of the American Empire. The South Koreans simply have to go along and pay for it, to live with the American White Lie and to entrench the American colonization of their country.

This new development will change the status quo in East Asia. China and Russia could adopt the same tough stand like the Americans did when the Russians were deploying missiles in Cuba. Would China and Russia see this threat serious enough, like the Americans in the 1960s, and mount a naval blockage of South Korea to prevent the Americans from bringing in this offensive military system? Should they decide to do so, the world would be pushed to the brink of a nuclear war between the Americans on one side and the Chinese and the Russians on the other.

This event is just starting to take shape and China and Russia have yet to develop a coherent defensive position. They must be busily meeting behind closed doors to address this hostile move by the Americans, and the decision could be just as intense and robust in reaction to this upsetting and destabilizing American military manouvre. Not taking any strong counter actions by the Chinese and the Russians is unacceptable.

Tension will mount and will be many times more serious than in the South China Sea or in Eastern Europe.  The Chinese and the Russians cannot afford to allow the Americans to put such an offensive military system on their doorsteps. They are likely to react violently to test the resolve of all parties in this new crisis. It is a major crisis in the making in the same mould as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The first major change in China’ policy will be to close rank with the North Koreans and tell the Americans to fuck off with their White Lie and sanctions against North Korea. North Korea will be the immediate beneficiary of this policy shift and the loser would be South Korea. They would lose the China market. China and Russia would openly support more nuclear tests from the North Koreans and stand steadfastly behind them as the North Koreans’ right to self defence.

The most pathetic nation caught in the American created storm is South Korea. It is now just a sacrificial chess piece of the American Empire, have no say and be squeezed in all angles, losing national sovereignty, national pride and also have to pay financially to become the colony of the American Empire.

The weapons producers in the US must be partying themselves crazy for the money they are making from the hapless South Koreans.

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