Vaccines to Create Drones (Dumbed Down Low I.Q. Workers)

Average IQ of an autistic person:  50 to 70

Just as the Autistic Disorder Spectrum encompasses a wide range of abilities, the IQ of an autistic person can greatly vary from one person to another. In one study on autistic children, the average IQ was between 50 to 70. At least 55% of the kids fell in this category.

My Comment:  Who is behind this Vaccines/Autism epidemic involving the Center of Disease Control?  Ashkenazi Jews aka Zionists aka Synagogue of Satan described by Jesus as having the father who was the devil-the father of all lies and deceit.These are EVIL GENIUSES…see their average I.Q.’s following:

The average IQ score of Jews has been calculated to be 112–115 (Cochran et al.),[8] and 107–115 (Murray; Entine).[9][10][11] A study found that Jews had only mediocre visual-spatial intelligence, while their verbal IQ (which includes verbal reasoning, comprehension and working memory) compensated for this with a high median of 125.6.[12][13]
My Comment:  Note that these Zionists now control our Congress, Educational System, Legal System, Foreign Policy, Treasury and Treasury Dept., Publishing Businesses, Hollywood, Movie & Film Industry, Media, TV, Print, Magazines, Healthcare, Insurance Industries and last but NOT LEAST BANKING INDUSTRIES!  Some of these evil geniuses have I.Q.s in the 170’s and even 180’s!  Keep in mind that the British Monarchy are part of this Zionist tribe/cult.  These Zionists control the illegal and legal Drug trade, opium production and exportation, prison slave system, prostitution industry in Nevada, body parts & organ trafficking, McDonald’s and 90 to 95% of all corporations.   They created corporations to avoid being sued for their crimes.  They are behind all WARS and own the military-industrial complex.  They are BIG PHARMA and own the Federal Reserve banking system printing our money and charging us interest on it.

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