Cyberwar is the New Technological Defensive Warfare: Sabotaging Missiles! I Think We Should Remove the THAAD Missiles Aimed at North Korea Which Can Be Aggressive Nuclear Missiles in 5 Minutes Conversion-No Need to Take Out Anyone’s Leaders-US Needs to Quit Threatening Others!

Klayman: Good Work President Trump! Now Take Out Entire North Korean Leadership!
Fox News
April 17, 2017

Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland on Sunday declined to say whether the U.S. cyber-sabotaged North Korea’s failed missile launch, saying only that it was “a fizzle.”

“You know we can’t talk about secret intelligence and things that might have been done, covert operations,” McFarland told “Fox News Sunday.” “I really have no comment.”

Still, McFarland, a former Fox News contributor, said the failed non-nuclear missile test Sunday by the rogue nation was one of about 30 failed attempts and that cyberwar is now a big part of the geo-political landscape.

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