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THURSDAY / JUNE 13, 2019

 NY Times: Hong Kong Residents Block Roads to Protest Extradition Bill*
NY Times: Extradition Protesters in Hong Kong Face Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets

REBUTTAL BYFront-page propaganda bashing of China is a regular feature of Sulzberger’s Slimes — which is why the website of “the paper of record” is blocked on the Chinese mainland. Today’s smear-job attempts to glorify the ongoing protests in the CIA-afflicted outpost of Hong Kong. The same idiot college kiddies and other assorted traitors, fools and rent-a-mobsters who — under Deep State guidance — staged the “spontaneous” though unsuccessful “Umbrella Revolution” of 2014, are now protesting a bill which would permit the government of China, seated in Beijing, to extradite subversives and trouble-makers from mostly-autonomous Hong Kong and try them on the mainland.The bill is expected to pass because pro-China lawmakers hold 43 of 70 seats in Hong Kong’s legislature. Once the CIA’s domestic traitors lose their protected status as “pro democracy”  activists, the college kiddies will have to grow up and start focusing on their studies instead. These latest protests are the last gasp of a dying movement.   Hong Kong’s goofy “Umbrella Revolution” of 2014 was 100% scripted in the USA, at Langley Studios and under Obongo’s authority. This story offers us a “teachable moment” ™ to summarize how the peculiar relationship between Hong Kong and its Chinese Motherland developed, and why China — even 22 years after reclaiming this coastal city / region of 7.4 million people — still has a bit of trouble governing it. 1839: After repeated pleas to Rothschild Britain — an even a personal letter to Queen Victoria — were ignored, the Chinese Emperor and his Viceroy went ahead and shut down the Jewish-controlled (Sassoon Family) opium trade. 1839-1842: Rothschild Britain — seeking to re-institute the lucrative trade in “dope,” initiated the “First Opium War” (a second would follow in 1856).1842: The better-armed British won the war and China was forced to sign the humiliating Treaty of Nanking which — in addition to imposing financial reparations and interest payments upon the innocent loser; and restoring  Sassoon’s drug trade; and forcing open five ports to foreign merchants — ceded “in perpetuity” Hong Kong Island to the British Empire.1856-1860: When China again rebelled over Sassoon’s opium trade and also the harsh reparations imposed after the previous war, Rothschild-Britain launched (and again won) the “Second Opium War.” 

  The Opium Wars were fought so that the nasty Sassoon clan (based in British India) could keep smuggling their dope from British-ruled India to China. These wars gave rise to the phrase “Gunboat Diplomacy.” 1860: The British colony of Hong Kong was expanded from Hong Kong Island to the Kowloon Peninsula1898: Dominant Britain further expanded its Hong Kong possession by obtaining a 99-year lease of the “New Territories” north of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.1997: All of Hong Kong was finally transferred back to China in 1997.As a special administrative region, Hong Kong maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of the mainland. 
  Useless Kings and Queens of Rothschild Britain (where some of the drug-pushing Sassoons were granted titles of nobility and elected to seats in Parliament!) on Hong Kong postage stamps of the 20th Century. .
Today’s unnecessary problems in Hong Kong stem not from any Chinese actions imposed on mostly self-ruled Hong Kongers; but rather, from the fact that although the British gave up overt political control, the western intelligence agencies stayed behind. Due to Hong Kong’s autonomy, the destabilising sleeper elements of the CIA and, most likely, the British MI6 have operated in HK with a degree of impunity and immunity that they could never establish on the “authoritarian”  mainland.But now, with the failure of the 2014 “Umbrella Revolution,” a solid pro-Beijing majority in the HK legislature, an American president who is actively undermining such CIA covert operations, and an upcoming law which will allow traitors to be shipped to the mainland — it appears as though this important coastal region, after more than a century and a half, will truly be free of “The Cabal.” And that, dear reader, is why the stupid college kiddies have been stirred up and activated again for one last gasp.  Contrary to the hyping-up of CIA college brat “protesters,” and the constant reports of discontent in the Fake News, Chinese president Xi Jinping has many patriotic supporters in Hong Kong.  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that people in Hong Kong are very upset with China for wanting to extradite pro-democracy activists.
Boobus Americanus 2: Communist China bad — democracy, good. * Editor: All of a sudden, Boobus is anti-communist?
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