Only Two Minorities Matter: Blacks & Jews-Native Americans Don’t

Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism

By infostormer -June 14, 201910

Protecting the political interests of Jews seems to be the only thing Democrats and Republicans ever agree on.


The Senate unanimously approved a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, the latest congressional bid to address an issue that has roiled American politics.

The resolution passed Thursday was introduced by Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Tim Kaine, D-Va. It lists a number of classic anti-Semitic slanders and prohibitions on freedoms imposed on Jews overseas and in the United States. It also alludes to recent deadly attacks on U.S. synagogues.

“Jews are the targets of the majority of hate crimes committed in the United States against any religious group, including attacks on houses of worship and Jewish community centers,” the resolution says.

Notably, the text avoids hot-button issues that members of each party have used to depict the other as susceptible to anti-Semitism. It does not mention anti-Israel bias, which Republicans have cited in criticizing Democrats, nor does it mention white supremacists and the support that has accrued to President Donald Trump from that movement, which Democrats often cite.

Ted Cruz did a speech on the floor of the Senate babbling about how horrible it is that anyone would ever say anything mean about Jews.

Congress is a joke. None of these people represent the interests of the American people. All of them put the interests of Jews and Israel over the interests of the American people.

Our country has a shit ton of problems, yet they are wasting their time passing some bullshit resolution about how horrible it is for people to say negative things about the Jews. The only logical explanation for such fuckery is that Congress and everybody in both major parties are controlled by Jews. What other explanation is there?

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