Assad (Syrian Leader): America’s ‘Deep State’-Not Trump-Blew Up Airbase in Syria

Assad: America’s ‘Deep State’ – Not Trump – Blew Up Airbase in Syria

by MG editor

ed note–WHAAAAAAATTTT??? Assad is saying that Trump’s hands are clean in all of this and that the guilty parties are actually those deeply-embedded Zionist interests in the US intelligence community working to have Trump removed so that Judea, Inc’s never-ending wars can continue?

We’re going to use a new word here just for the sake of variety–


–Unless of course, you are able to follow the twisty, complex and sometimes convoluted nature of the game of political chess being played here and DON’T allow yourself to fall into the non-sensical ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ business (as emotionally-satisfying and as tempting as it might be) in which case, it makes perfect sense.

Also note that Assad makes clear that Trump basically had no choice, and while he does not specifically use the term ‘impeachment’ that nevertheless, when he said that Trump would ‘pay the price politically’ for not authorizing the strikes, that this is PRECISELY what he is talking about.

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