After Starting WW3 Will Donald & Ivanka & Kushner Be Hiding Deep Underground While the Rest of Us Are Nuked?

New York Times: In Battle for Trump’s Heart and Mind, It’s Bannon vs. Kushner


The “conventional wisdom” TM among both the Establishment Piranha Press and the “Alternative Media” TM holds that “nationalist” Steve Bannon and libtard Jared Kushner (cough cough) are locked in a heated personal battle for the “heart and mind” of Donald Trumpstein. The belief is that Kushner holds the upper-hand because he is married to Baby Girl Ivanka Trump (converted cough cough) — herself a top-level adviser to the President.,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/18s6o2qfc2i01jpg.jpg

She went from using her name, inherited wealth, and sex appeal to sell shoes and perfumes — to possibly triggering World War 3. The ultra-libtard, Democrat, Jewish bimbo Ivanka is actually advising daddy on policy decisions from her White House office!


From the article, a typical assessment of the “power struggle”:

“On one side are Mr. Bannon’s guerrilla warriors, eager to close the nation’s borders, dismantle decades of regulations, empower police departments and take on the establishment of both parties in Washington. On the other are Mr. Kushner’s “Democrats,” an appellation used to describe even Republicans who want to soften Mr. Trump’s rough edges and broaden his narrow popular appeal after months of historically low poll numbers.

In the middle is Mr. Trump himself, seemingly torn between the two factions, tilting one way or the other depending on the day, or even the hour, while he seeks to recapture momentum after a series of defeats in Congress and the courts. As he did throughout his career in business and entertainment, Mr. Trump plays advisers off one another, encouraging a sort of free-for-all competition for influence and ideas within his circle, so long as everyone demonstrates loyalty to him.”

Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times no longer accept this narrative, for it implies that Jewish kiddies Jared & Ivanka and their clique of New York Democrats have “won” the “heart and mind” of Trumpstein. It suggests that Trumpstein is some malleable, weak-minded, weak-willed fool who can easily be played by the 30-something-year-old brat who dirtied up his daughter. No. We give Trumpstein far more credit than that.

We believe that Jared & Ivanka “won the battle” because the game was rigged against the Nationalists all along. The object of the game was to paint the Democrat Trumpstein as a born-again nationalist, then draw in Christians, pro-lifers, union workers, “angry White guys” and all the various sub-groups of “alt-right-wingers” (including us, though we always had some doubts), and then discard us all like used-up lemon rinds soon after the election — making it look like the result of a lost “power struggle,” rather than the calculated, pre-meditated betrayal it was intended to be all along.

1- Kushner is purging the White House and empowering libtards and warmongers 2- All three of Trumpstein’s adult children are married to Jews (youngest daughter Tiffany (not pictured) is dating a Jew). 3- Bloodthirsty Ivanka pleaded with daddy to bomb Syria. She even tweeted her approval afterwards.


National Security Adviser General Mike Flynn is gone, his side-kick KT McFarland is gone, adviser Kelly Anne Conway is no longer visible, and strategist/adviser Steve Bannon is fading fast. Imperfect as they all were by our standards, those Gentiles were at least somewhat tolerable, somewhat conservative, friendly towards Russia, and somewhat non-interventionist in foreign affairs. Ascending in their place are the Jewish kids Jared and Ivanka, Economic Adviser and Democrat-Globalist Gary Cohn (cough cough), Foreign Policy Adviser and Bush-Republican-Globalist Dina Powell, National Security Adviser General H R McMaster (from the Globalist Council on Foreign Relations), Treasury Secretary and Democrat-Globalist Steven Mnuchin (cough cough), and Kushner’s 28-year-old “right-hand man,” Avi Berkowitz (cough cough).

On the media front, Trumpstein no longer appears on the Alex Jones or Michael Savage radio shows radio shows which had helped him to get elected. Instead, the warmonger suddenly finds himself basking in the approving glow of positive media coverage from the very same “fake news” that he once condemned — the same “fake news” that gave him billions of dollars worth of 24/7 free publicity during the campaign. There certainly was no “Ron-Paul-silent-treatment” for Trumpstein.

A “power struggle,” my foot! Kushner’s warmongering Globalist-Zionist faction didn’t have to win Trumpstein’s “heart and mind.” They had him by the balls all along.

The nationalists never had a chance. Jared & Ivanka’s New York Jews were meant to be calling the shots. Above: young Avi Berkowitz of Harvard (cough cough), billionaires Gary Cohn (cough cough) and Steve Mnuchin (cough cough) — both of Goldman Sachs.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in today’s New York Times about the power struggle among Trump’s top advisers.

Boobus Americanus 2: Blood is thicker than water. Jared & Ivanka should win that battle.



  Sugar: Got newss for ya Boobuss! Jared & Ivanka are the real President & First Lady.

 Editor: Make Israel Greater Again.

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