New Levels of Insanity From CIA in Langley, Virginia! ISIS to Attack China!

I.S.I.S Sets Its Sights on China as Beijing Begins New Silk Road Project

by Sabba

RUSSIA INSIDER – When the hype surrounding the Trump-Xi summit turns into a Mar-a-Lago fact on the ground next month, both presidents are bound to agree fully on at least one issue: “radical Islamic terror” – as per Trump terminology.

Donald Trump has relied on a controversial Muslim “no-ban” ban that – in theory – would restrict the inflow of potential radical Islamists to US territory; his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, meeting Xinjiang lawmakers on the sidelines of the annual session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, has launched a “Great Wall of Iron” to protect China’s Far West.  CONTINUE READING

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My Comment:  The Criminality here is completely out of control.  Duped American People have supported high crimes and terrorism against other nations for too long.  To emphasize this point to see your tax dollars at work see ISIS riding in a Texas Toyota Plumbing business truck.

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