JCC Bomb Threat Done by “Jewish” Israeli Teen

Jewish Israeli teen arrested for phoning in JCC bomb threats

by MG editor

After months-long undercover investigation, police and FBI say suspect used voice-altering technology to make threatening calls

ed note–all can  rest assured several items here–

1. The Trump administration knew it was a Zionist operation on the part of Judea, Inc from the very beginning, hence Trump’s own statement that these attacks were part of an orchestrated false flag campaign to put political pressure on him. 

2. Doubtless as more details come out we’ll find out that the perp in this case was a right wing type, simpatico with Netanyahu and the setters and not a leftie.

3. That whatever ‘shock’ is expressed by the various groups working in the service of Judea, Inc, from the ADL to WJC to AJC, that they knew all along what the ‘straight skinny’ was and that whatever congratulatory notes are sent by these groups to the LEO agencies who tracked this Jew down are only there for show and that at the very moment of this writing, there is MASSIVE weeping and gnashing of teeth taking place behind the closed doors of these various Jewish groups, because now, everytime there is any kind of high-profile event of this type where Jews are centerstaged as the victims of hate or of ‘anti-Shemitism’ that the case will be made with MASSIVE credibility that it was/is a Judaic operation.

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