The Zionist “Jews” Behind the Front Group the ACLU

 My Comment:  The New Ugly of Liberalism:  Punching & Pepper Spray!

Jews, Capitalists and Catladies Pour Money Into ACLU to Keep Invaders in America

report by Eric Striker from the Daily Stormer

The American Civil Liberties Union, an organization stuffed to the brim with Jews, purports to be an organization dedicated to defended Constitutional rights, but actually exists exclusively to browbeat Christians and normal people out of the public space and into submission.


The ACLU has taken up a couple of genuine free speech cases in its history (Frank Colin’s Skokie march – Colin was later exposed to be a Jew himself and this was probably an internal Jewish theatrical escapade), but overall, they are more concerned in employing petty judicial tyranny to do stuff like force religious people to cater queer marriage-fetish events. When it comes to real free speech issues, e.g. on the American college campus, the ACLU is deafeningly silent on events like Wednesday’s Berkeley mob beating Trump supporters unconscious in the street. [Editor’s Note: When the publisher of this website emailed the ACLU about our proposed march on Whitefish, they never replied. -AA]

According to Yids and Silicon Valley billionaires, Trump’s ban on visas for Yemenis and Somalians will collapse the American economy. A coalition of wealthy Jews and capitalists have come together in a fundraising effort led by (((Judd Apatow))) to finance the unelected ACLU in its quest to legally obstruct the fulfillment of promises by the duly elected President of the United States.


The American Civil Liberties Union said it received $24.1 million in online donations over the weekend.

In a normal year, the activist group makes about $4 million in online donations. In one weekend, it raised six times as much money.

Officials at the ACLU said they were stunned and gratified by the surge in financial support.

It came on the same weekend that the ACLU and its allies successfully challenged portions of President Trump’s travel ban in court.

Many celebrities and Silicon Valley luminaries encouraged their social media followers to support the group, and some even pledged to match some donations.

“The ACLU took Trump to court. Let’s stand with them. Reply with donation receipts from today and I’ll match to $25,000,” venture capitalist Chris Sacca tweeted on Saturday. As replies poured in, Sacca doubled and tripled his match offer, then said he was “matching my own match and giving $150,000.”

Rosie O’Donnell, Sia and Judd Apatow are some of the entertainers who joined in.

By Sunday evening, the ACLU said it had received $19.4 million in donations. At the end of the night, the group ran “one last set of numbers” for the weekend, according to a spokesman, and ended up at $24,164,691.

Silicon Valley (Twitter, Apple, Reddit, etc.), which supports “comprehensive immigration reform” in order to have permanent access to mediocre programmers who undercut American white collar workers, is throwing a lot of money away on the ACLU or taking independent legal recourse. Jewish celebrities like music producer Jack Antonoff, the pearl-diving pig Rosie O’Donnell, and childless catlady “Sia,” have also given substantial amounts.

Unkempt ghetto Jew Judd Apatow was one of the famous people who led the push for the ACLU money-bomb. Just a few days later, Apatow celebrated the political violence intended to silence speech Jews don’t like at (((Berkeley))), where young girls were beaten over the head with weapons and pepper sprayed for wearing a Donald Trump hat.


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