Trump is Crushing the Zionist (Phony Jew) World Order-“They That Call Themselves Jews and Are Not”(Jesus)



quick report from smoloko

Trump has stopped the Jewish plan to Islamisize America

Trump has stopped the Jewish planned WW3 with Russia

Trump has stopped the Jewish planned and created TPP

Trump has EXPOSED the Jew owned Media as corrupt liars

Trump has freed Americans from the mental chains
of Jewish Communist created political correctness

Trump is restoring morality and reviving Christianity back into America
and putting a end to the Jewish backed homosexual agenda, abortion
and all other forms of degeneracy and perversion promoted by JEWS.

Let’s not forget to mention Trump has also exposed the Jewish climate change scam and the Jew big pharma vaccine scam ! Yes, the pharmaceutical industry, like every other key industry in the western world is OWNED and controlled by JEWS and they want us sick, zombified and dead out of their way so they can continue advancing their JEW WORLD ORDER !

Oh and THIS my friends is ONLY the beginning ! Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for Trump’s protection and also don’t forget to thank Christ for stopping Hillary from becoming president……She would have brought about the final destruction of the USA for her jewish overlords…. We truly dodged a bullet there. Thank you lord Jesus for giving our jew ruined country one last shot at salvation….I love you Jesus ♥

I truly believe Christ Jesus sent us Trump to stop evil Hillary and her jewish masters from destroying the USA and to give this jew ruined country of America one last shot at redemption.

also in the news –
YES! YES! YES! DUAL CITIZENS AND GREEN CARD MOSLEMS ALSO BANNED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ORDER (trump is sending a message to the jews – soon it will be dual-citizen israeli’s that are going to be banned as well!)
President Trump Signs New Executive Orders On ISIS, Lobbyists And National Security
A Grand Alliance Takes Shape: President Trump Holds First Phone Conversation With Vladimir Putin
TREASON: Judicial Skags Attack The President, Rule That Some Moslem Invaders Cannot Be Detained

My Comment:  Hillary Clinton is also a Zionist of the Synagogue of Satan kind.

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