U.S. Senator Visits Fukushima and Says It’s Worse Than Reported, DUH?

U.S. Senator visits Fukushima and says it’s worse than reported, DUH?

Thanks to the likes of Rense and many others in the so-called “truth movement”, as well as the likes of Fox and CNN that anyone ought to know are totally corrupt, the real condition of Fukushima has gone largely missed, because the one site that nailed it DEAD ON, THIS ONE, pointed the blame at a certain “victim tribe” and they refused to link it as a result. Rense can be proven to have known about this.

Here is what the senator had to say: Senator Wyeden speaks up and it STILL is not at the level that this site reported a year ago!

Folks, they CANNOT TELL YOU HOW BAD IT IS OUT THERE, because it will cause the wrong people to ask hard questions – all disasters have their theoretical limits, and since Fukushima exceeded them all, which cannot be accounted for in the “official story”, the media HAS TO cover it up because an awakening to what happened out there will reveal it as an act of war, and that’s the last thing the people who did it, the same people who run the worlds media, want.

I have stated in the past that this was an effort to destroy the Japanese people. But I have a friend who has been onto the elite assault on Japan for several years, and he has said for years that the elite wanted Japan depopulated entirely because the people were too hard to smash into a globalist mold. Could this be one of the major reasons for Fukushima? could this have been planned for years and be the real reason for the ghost cities in China, just sitting there waiting to be populated?

I’d say its a pretty safe bet.


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