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NY Times: Nixon Tried to Spoil Johnson’s Vietnam Peace Talks in ’68, Notes Show


Of the thirteen United States presidents to occupy the White House between 1932 and the present time, ten were arch-criminals and traitors who faithfully served “the powers that be,” and only three had some degree of redeeming decency, good intentions and love of country. Though they too had their flaws and deficiencies, Presidents Kennedy (D), Nixon (R) and Reagan (R) cannot be classified as diabolical villains in our view. This is not to say that destructive actions and policies did not occur or continue under their respective reigns, but whatever bad they did was mainly due to factors and factions beyond their control.

Richard Nixon was elected in 1968, and forced to resign in 1974 over the Washington Compost’s manufactured and over-rated “scandal” known as “Watergate” — named for the hotel which mid-level Nixon men, unbeknown to their boss, broke into to obtain information for political purposes. The puffed-up scandal would not only lead to Nixon’s demise, but also to a communist Demonrat tsunami in the 1974 Congressional elections (a Dem pick up of 49 House seats and 5 Senate seats). The incoming Reds and libtards, proudly dubbed by the pinko press as “the Watergate Babies,” combined with the existing Marxists to dominate Capitol Hill for the next 20 years.

Notorious communist Democrats such as current California Governor Jerry Brown, former CT Senator Chris Dodd, and former Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy were all 1974 “Watergate Babies.”


The Left hated Nixon not so much because he was “conservative” (he was actually a centrist) — but because they never forgave him for being an anti-communist “witch hunter” who served on HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) during his days as a late 1940’s California congressman. As president, Nixon’s all Anglo-German inner circle (with the exception of jew Kissinger) and his suspected “anti-Semitism” TM surely must have concerned Compost owner Katherine Meyer Graham (cough cough), and Slimes owner/publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (cough cough), and CBS owner/president Bill Paley (cough cough), and ABC owner/president Leonard Goldenson (cough cough), and NBC owner/president David Sarnoff (cough cough).

Having established the essential historical context, we may better appreciate the motivation behind the outrageous dishonesty and hypocrisy of this atrocious article alleging that candidate Nixon of 1968 tried to “monkey wrench” outgoing President Lyndon B. Johnson‘s efforts to bring the Vietnam War to a peaceful resolution — thus helping Demonrat candidate Hubert Humphrey in that year’s QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show).

Image 1 – Congressman Nixon played a supporting role in the effort to expose the secret communist agent, Alger Hiss.

Image 2 – Hiss of the State Department was the Secretary General of the 1945 San Francisco conference which established the United Nations. He is shown above shaking hands with Hiroshima Harry Truman.

Image 3 – Katherine Meyer Graham, daughter of former Fed Chairman Eugene Meyer, unleashed her attack dogs (Woodward & Bernstein) on Nixon.


The allegation is that Richard M. Nixon told an aide that they should find a way to secretly “monkey wrench” peace talks in Vietnam in the waning days of the 1968 campaign for fear that progress toward ending the war would hurt his chances for the presidency, according to newly discovered notes. From the article:

“The Nixon campaign’s clandestine effort to thwart President Lyndon B. Johnson’s peace initiative that fall has long been a source of controversy and scholarship. Ample evidence has emerged documenting the involvement of Nixon’s campaign. But Mr. Haldeman’s notes appear to confirm longstanding suspicions that Nixon himself was directly involved, despite his later denials.

“There’s really no doubt this was a step beyond the normal political jockeying, to interfere in an active peace negotiation given the stakes with all the lives,” said John A. Farrell, who discovered the notes at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library for his forthcoming biography, “Richard Nixon: The Life,” to be published in March by Doubleday. “Potentially, this is worse than anything he did in Watergate.”

Later on in the article, we learn that other “scholars” find this new evidence against Nixon, based merely on a few vague notes, to be inconclusive:

“Luke A. Nichter, a scholar at Texas A&M University and one of the foremost students of the Nixon White House secret tape recordings, said he liked more of Mr. Farrell’s book than not, but disagreed with the conclusions about Mr. Haldeman’s notes. In his view, they do not prove anything new and are too thin to draw larger conclusions.

“Because sabotaging the ’68 peace efforts seems like a Nixon-like thing to do, we are willing to accept a very low bar of evidence on this,” Mr. Nichter said.”

1- Nixon with his most trusted confidantes, Haldeman and Ehrlichman. The Jewish elite hated all three.

2- The newly discovered Haldeman notes turn out to be inconclusive.

3- Nixon kept tapes of his conversations with Haldeman and Ehrlichman. Here are just a few “politically incorrect” gems:

“The Jews are all over the government … they need to be brought under control by someone in charge who is not Jewish.”

“The Jews are irreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards. The Jewish cabal is out to get me.”

“She (Katherine Graham) is a terrible old bag.” 

“Washington is full of Jews,… most Jews are disloyal.”
“Generally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards (jews). They turn on you. Am I wrong or right?”
 The last six Roman emperors were fags. You see, homosexuality, immorality in general, these are the enemies of strong societies.
“But it’s not just the ratty part of town. The upper class in San Francisco is that way. The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time . . . It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine with that San Francisco crowd. I can’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco.
“We’re going to (place) more of these little Negro bastards on the welfare rolls at $2,400 a family . . . let people like Pat Moynihan and Leonard Garment and others believe in all that crap. But I don’t believe in it. Total emphasis of everybody must be that this is much better than we had last year. . . . work, work, throw ’em off the rolls. That’s the key.”

* OK, Mr. President, we’ll partially forgive you for taking us off of the gold standard and signing the EPA into law.


Today’s rebutted article was a classic case of a headline stating something as a fact, while the article itself, which actually presents a strongly opposing view, states no such thing.

But that’s not the real outrage hear. What set our blood to boiling is the failure to mention the fact that LBJ, the would-be “peacemaker” of Vietnam, was the dirty rat bastard who plunged America into that quagmire in the first place! President John F Kennedy had actually begun the process of removing American advisers (who had been sent by President Eisenhower) from South Vietnam.

Kennedy’s murder in 1963 (by the CIA / Mossad complex) elevated Vice President Johnson. In summer, 1964, LBJ’s government orchestrated the fictitious attack on American ships at Tonkin Gulf, and then used the false-false flag “battle” as a pretext for an unjust war which ended up killing more than 50,000 American boys, and God-only-knows how many hundreds of thousands (if not a few million?) of Vietnamese villagers.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_804/image.jpg

Even modern-day Establishment house historian admit that there was no attack at Tonkin Gulf


For this and so many other dirty deeds, LBJ was a scumbag of the lowest rank. Yet this is who the Slimes is trying to pass off as the man who would have been the “peacemaker” of 1968 — if only the big bad Nixon hadn’t “monkey wrenched” the dubious deal. Are you frickin’ kidding me?!!! It’s akin to crediting an arsonist for showing up at your door with a fire extinguisher, while omitting the oh-so-minor detail that he was the bloody bastard who threw the flaming Molotov cocktail through your living room window in the first place!

The lie of omission is one of the most undetectable, and therefore most dangerous of all lies. Context is everything. Omit the context and you alter the story without actual “lying.” This article, by omitting LBJ’s deliberate and deceitful initiation of the war, offers us a text-book example of that terrible tactic of omission.
LBJ’s joke was on you, America — but let’s all hate on Nixon for some petty “burglary” he had nothing to do with.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today’s New York Times that new evidence from private notes indicates that as the GOP candidate in 1968, Richard Nixon tried to throw a monkey wrench in a peace deal that LBJ was working on to end the Vietnam War. 

Boobus Americanus 2: Knowing what we know about Nixon, that would not surpsrise me. How disgraceful! That war should never have been fought. LBJ deserves credit for trying to stop it.



SugarHey Boobuss! Trivia quesstion for ya! What pressident got America into the Vietnam War in the firsst place, and how did he do it? 

 Editor: Cue up the sound of crickets in 3… 2 …. 1 …


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