Syrian Rebels (Our Terrorists) to Boycott Peace Talks!

Syrian Rebels Threaten to Boycott Peace Talks

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 01:05 AM PST

We Are Change

(We Are Change) — Syrian rebel groups have announced they are suspending participation in the preparations for peace talks, which are planned by Russia and Turkey later this month.

A statement, signed by a “number of groups” according to the BBC, cited “many and large violations” of the ceasefire by the Syrian government as the reason.

“The regime and its allies have continued firing and committed many and large violations,” the statement said.

The area doesn’t fall under the ceasefire agreement established by Russia and Turkey though, given the presence of Nusra Front. The deal excludes ISIS, Nusra Front, and the Kurdish YPG. Neither are the groups affiliated to them.

That’s why on New Year’s Eve, the UN Security Council unanimously backed the Russian-Turkish efforts.


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