New York Slimes Setting Up the Scenario For Trump to be Left Holding the Bag For Their Engineered Collapse of US Economy-More Bu_lSh_t From Our Fake Zion Media!


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NY Times (Op-Ed): Things Can Only Get Worse


Paul Krugman (cough cough), the Slimes’ mentally unhinged in-house communist “economist” (a Nobel Prize winner, no less!) continues his hate parade against Orange Man. Sugar and I, er, The Editorial Board of The Anti-New York Times, have already debunked several of his more recent junk-attack pieces, and this one is just a repeat of his usual vomit.

“In his lurid, ghastly Inaugural Address, Mr. Trump portrayed a nation in dire straits — “American carnage.” The real America looks nothing like that; it has plenty of problems, but things could be worse. In fact, it’s likely that they will indeed get worse. How will a man who evidently can’t handle even the smallest blow to his ego. How will a man who evidently can’t handle even the smallest blow to his ego deal with it?

Let’s talk about the predictable bad news.”,fl_keep_iptc,g_faces,h_365,w_652/h8y99khnnk30yti4lsoh.jpg

Commie Krigman’s vile virus is born at Sulzberger’s Slimes, and then spreads through the TV media.


Krugman’s demonic diatribe goes on to describe what a booming economy “Mr. Trump” inherited from Obongo, and how he is about to wreck it all by dismantling ObongoCare and cutting taxes. He paints a rosy picture of “full employment” and “rising wages” that exists only in the demented minds of the Piranha Press and its cult followers. And judging by the universal approval of the commenters on this article, those cultists are just as loony as ever. One poster after another after another lauds this greasy ghoul’s “analysis.”

From the comments section, a few representative samples from the “educated” readers of Sulzberger’s Slimes:


Will the repeal of the ACA be the trigger for the next recession/depression? How long will it take for the country to be plunged into a depression? It will depend on how large are the tax and spending cuts.


Mr. Krugman is right that Mr. Obama has left the country in near top shape for Mr. Trump.


You are right that we are “better than that”. Unemployment is down, crime is low, health coverage is high, wages are up. But the reality is that the opposition can’t run a campaign on that.


The incoming administration has already begun the process of hiding (possibly destroying) climate data that it does not like; any economic data that the administration does not like may well suffer the same fate.

Trump is just the latest republican-in-charge undoing the very federal programs that have boosted our economy


The republican business plan: lie, cheat and steal. And stifle the public voice.


 Donald’s major talent, like Vladimir Putin’s, is the masterful manipulation (and censorship) of reals news and facts and preference for fake news and propaganda; both being graduates of the Goebbels Institute of Propaganda.

The Slimes’ comment section is infested with insane and angry libtards who, unlike Krugman, actually BELIEVE in this garbage.


We must as a country commit to never allowing such an unqualified boor to run of this office again. The vast powers of the presidency do not fit with the notion that anyone off the street, even someone spouting unconstitutional views, can run for the presidency.

*To the Republicans, crime doesn’t mean actual criminal activity. It is now, and perhaps always has been, a dog whistle, a word they use to make their base fearful of the black and brown people who must be contained or imprisoned.

Obama inherited a mess and he left office with a country in a lot better shape.


Naturally, things could be better. However, since Trump thinks only in absolutes, either conditions are the best ever nor they are terrible, depending on the side he is on.


The voters who placed this unhinged lunatic in office have lost all connection to reality. Reality is about to reassert itself is spades.

And on and on the Krugman’s parade of blithering Boobuses rolls — hundreds of them! It would be funny if not so fraught with danger. As absurd as the lies of the Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press may appear to those of us with an ounce of common sense, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that millions of innocent people actually still swallow and parrot this filth. Libtardism is truly a mental disorder, and has the comments page at the Slimes indicates, the epidemic, though seemingly in remission, is still a long way from being eradicated.

Libtardism is a mental disorder — and you can get it from reading the Slimes.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read an Op-Ed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman in today’s New York Times, condemning Trump for painting such a bleak picture of America when we are actually at full-employment now. The comments section was almost unanimous in agreeing with Krugman.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, the Times readership tends to be very well-educated, so it’s not surprising that Krugman’s analyis would be well-received.



  Editor: (palm to face, sigh, shaking head)I wish you could up with a cleaner metaphor, Sugar, but that is exactly how the devious dynamic works.

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