Evil Zionist Madeleine Albright, War Criminal, Ready to Be Muslim

Jewish actress Mayim Bialik, ADL goombah Goldblatt and Madeleine Albright announce they are ‘Ready to Register as Muslims’

by MG editor


‘The Big Bang Theory’ actress joins former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in showing solidarity with American Muslims as fears rise over President Trump’s executive actions on immigration.

ed note–it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway just for the record.

Madeleine Albright, who now claims she is ready to ‘register as a Muslim’ is on record saying that the deaths of over 500,000 MUSLIM children in Iraq, a war crime in which she was directly responsible in her personally overseeing the sanctions imposed upon that nation after the 1st Gulf War, was ‘worth it’, and therefore, all thinking persons should recognize her recent statement for what it is–political crocodile tears and opportunism.

SOOOOO, the question which curious readers would like to know is the following, Mz. Albright, Mz. Bialek and Herr Goldblatt–

As newly minted ‘Muslims’, are you going to adopt an Islamic lifestyle? Are you going to utilize your energies and your considerable influence to bring an end to Muslim suffering in places such as Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc, all of which is the direct result of what your fellow Jews are doing–either directly or indirectly through the influence they wield in western nations? Are you going to reveal how your fellow tribesmen and women in La Kosher Nostra are singularly responsible for all anti-Islamic bigotry in the West through their control of the Jewish mainstream media and all the lies that have been peddled about Islam being a ‘violent religion’ dedicated to ‘Jihad’ and ‘conversion by the sword’? Are you going to demand that Israel return the lands stolen from Muslims, return the homes stolen from Muslims in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, pay restitution and reparations and come clean with the fact that Jews are not ‘Semites’ (not that it matters a hill of beans) and perform the millions of mea culpas you are morally required to perform–PUBLICLY–as a result of all the pain and suffering you and your cousins have personally inflicted on the Islamic world?

We in the Gentile world won’t hold our breaths waiting. Read more of this post

My Comment:  The featured image shows what a starving infant looks like and THIS IS WHAT Madeleine Albright ENDORSED!

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