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How They Do It– ‘It’s not politics, it’s Torah’

by MG editor


ed note–Several items to put under the microscope here–

1. Note that our ‘good Rabbi’ mentions the Torah and Talmud operating simultaneously alongside each other. So much for the overused and factually-bankrupt assertion constantly thrown about these days that today’s Judaism has no connection with the Old Testament.

2. Note all the flowery praise of the humanity and high standards that the Torah teaches, and particularly as pertains addressing the needs of the poor. Of course, what our ‘good Rabbi’ fails to mention is that these commandments apply only to how Jews are to treat each other. Furthermore, when pontificating ad nauseum how ‘commpassionate’ and ‘gentle’ are the commandments of the Torah, and particularly the book of Leviticus, he very assiduously avoids mentioning all those dozens of commandments instructing ‘GAAAAAWD’S chosen people’ how they are to exterminate and ‘utterly destroy’ the various peoples living in that region between the Nile and Euphrates rivers which the ‘god’ of the Jews bequeathed to them as an ‘everlasting inheritance’.

And finally, 

3. Note the ‘good Rabbi’s statement to wit–

‘Jewish law operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and it covers every aspect of our lives, from when we wake up until we go to bed.’

To the untrained ear and the slavish mind, this sounds good. It creates the appearance that Judaism as an operating system leads to the betterment of the person, to harmony between them and the higher power that created them and which fosters peace, cooperation, and brotherhood between them and their fellow man.

Except, that just as history and current events shows us, this is not the case. The people who are driven by this particular operating system have been rejected, spit out, sneezed out, coughed out, vomited, and expelled from every civilization with which they have come into contact throughout history. Beginning with the story in the TORAH of Abraham selling his wife Sarah into sexual servitude to the Pharaoh under the pretenses that Sarah was his ‘sister’ and therefore a virgin and then Pharaoh kicking Abraham and Sarah out of his country upon finding out that dishonest Abe pulled a fast one on him, all the way forward to the present day and all the conflict, consternation, and confusion that abounds throughout the world wherever they wield disproportionate influence, the people who find themselves enslaved to this backwards, barbaric, and benighted philosophy that was, is, and forever will be the concoction of those same Rabbis which Jesus referred to as ‘children of their father, the devil’ and ‘whitewashed tombs’ and not of any higher power, function not as individual cogs in a wheel that brings civilization and progress to the world, but rather as cutting, tearing teeth on a saw that rips everything to shreds. Read more of this post

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