Donald Trump: ”I Am Asking You to Dream Big”

by nooralhaqiqa


ED Noor: Read Trump’s Contract with the American Voter, definitely a lot of wonderful promises but all on the right track. Needless to say, even the President has to jump through hoops to do a lot of the things promised so keep your hopes in check but this is a good start.  But then, that is the opposite of “thinking big” isn’t it? Also included is an article on Trump as the messenger which resounds with his Contract, reprinted below in full.

Today, in historic Gettysburg, PA, Donald J. Trump presented a game-changing plan for his first 100 days in office. This revolutionary “Contract with the American Voter” will ensure that America’s economy is revitalized and citizens are protected.

“I’m not a politician, and have never wanted to be one. But when I saw the trouble our country was in, I knew I couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. Our country has been so good to me, I love our country, I felt I had to act,” said Mr. Trump in his address.

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