November 2016: The Mother of all elections

by Sabba


PRAVDA – If the United States of America was a country that minded its own business, sorted out its own problems and did not stick its nose in to the internal affairs of other sovereign nations, if it did not remove politicians and governments democratically elected by their own people, November 2016 would be a domestic affair for the citizens of the USA, and them alone. But that is not the case.

Sabba – No, that is not the case and it is something fundamentally wrong that the choice of the next POTUS affects so many other countries, affects the lives of billions of people from Europe, to Africa to Asia – to the great joy of most American people who do not seem to mind and who thus see their belief that USA! USA! USA! is ‘number one’.

Because whoever gets elected in the White House will affect the lives of billions of people throughout the world, I, as a non-American, believe that the entire world should be allowed to vote in the US elections. Without us willing, the US elections have become our business too and so we should all have a word to say, we should all be allowed to say who we want to see sitting in the Oval Office. That would be only fair.

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