Activist Who Served DNC Lawsuit Shawn Lucas FOUND DEAD

Posted: 05 Aug 2016 12:01 AM PDT

We Are Change

The aptly named Clinton kill list that appeared in the Monica Lewinsky trial appears to have expanded this election season with the deaths of DNC data director Seth Rich, UN head John Ashe and now activist Shawn Lucas, who served the DNC lawsuit found dead.

Mysterious deaths of people surrounding the Clintons is rising at a faster rate then ever this tense election summer.


Not much is known at this time how Shawn Lucas died but it’s interesting to note this comes less than a month after the DNC’s own voter expansion data director Seth Rich was shot to death. Seth Rich’s death is still an unsolved mystery and is it a coincidence it was so close to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia less then a week before?

Following Seth Rich’s death an aide of Tim Kaine and another DNC employee Joe Montano was found dead of an apparent heart attack. In addition to these two DNC staffers deaths, there has also been the death of a prominent American Free Press Clinton reporter and researcher Victor Thorn, who according to authorities was found with a self inflicted gun shot wound in the mountains and committed suicide.

Now add onto all that another death of an activist – Shawn Lucas, who served the DNC a lawsuit on live stream. That video is starting to go viral.

This is turning into a Sherlock Holmes novel, all these people conveniently dying who are Clinton political enemies. I wonder how ex-FBI agent Gary Aldrich feels watching all this or how many times Vince Foster has rolled over in his grave?


The lawsuit in question can be viewed here – [http://blogs.wsj .com/law/2016/07/25/dnc-seeks-dismissal-of-lawsuit-alleging-donor-deception/]it was filed in Miami, Florida. Shawn Lucas’s name is in the lawsuit as you can see below. Shawn Lucas was a huge proponent in the class action lawsuit served against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz prior to his death on July 3rd, before the Democratic National Convention took place.



Another coincidental timely death that many might have missed is the death of Assange’s lawyer John Jones QC, April 19th, right after WIkileaks launched Hillary Clinton’s searchable email archive March 16, 2016. Was this a warning shot at wikileaks? His official cause of death was “suicide by a train.” Which authorities didn’t find suspicious at all despite a spokesman for British Transport Police saying “it was called to West Hampstead rail station in north London at 7.07am after a man was struck by a
So no investigation into whether he was pushed, fell or jumped into the train? That’s it just close the books on the case? What gets me is this is being treated as a “suicide” when this man has a family a wife and two kids as well as was working happily taking on some big cases like trying to save the lives of
Gaddafi’s son Saif and Libyan spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi.

John Jones QC brilliant and beloved lawyer for Assange & WikiLeaks tragically died yesterday

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 19, 2016

Additionally a 100 page report by Election Justice USA and more leaked documents from Wikileaks and further election fraud lawsuits await Hillary will more people continue to have “accidents” clearly the Clinton crime family realizes there comes a time when there is too many “accidents” for it to not look suspicious? Another Ohio Fraud Lawyer Cliff Arnebeck who’s preparing a massive lawsuit even spoke out about assassinations in an interview he did with cosmoso in which he sent a strange letter to President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden bringing up political assassinations by operatives of Karl Rove.

“You have to realize that there is a science to assassinations, there’s a science to torture as well, and it’s been going on for years and years and years, and after World War II, the Nazis developed this stuff and we continued to develop it, in terms of diseases, in terms of biological agents, and there’s all sorts of techniques to induce heart attacks, brain aneurysms, cancer, it’s all within their bag of tricks. They have technology that has been developed that can disrupt your mind, play with your brain **PHONE DISTORTS AND CUTS OUT HERE, THEN BACK IN** ya know, Bev believed that Joe Biden’s son had been assassinated and she believed that Biden suspected it also. Bev saw me as someone that she trusts and that’s why I shared it. The other thing I shared with Obama, this guy boasting that they had intimidated Obama by showing him the Zapruder film. I dunno if you’ve seen the film, but there’s fire, an explosion in his throat and his brains are blown out the back of his head. And his wife is witnessing this. It’s the combination of not just watching it himself but his wife and kids and the trauma of his head being blown off. And this same technique was used with a guy named Robert Vance, who was on the 11th circuit court of appeals, where they delivered a package to his home before Christmas in 1989 and the package looks like it’s sent by one of his colleagues on the bench. So he takes the package from the front door, and opens the package in the kitchen with this wife, and his head is blown off with his wife watching. So these are two major assassinations that have taken place.”
~Ohio Fraud Lawyer Cliff Arnebeck

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