bush saudi meme

Then President George W. Bush and then Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud walk amid the blue bonnets of Crawford, TX in 2005

This narrative benefits the same neo-conservative/Zionist interests who have dominated U.S. foreign policy since the events of September 11th. AIPACsponsors and their American politician puppets have had ample time and motive to both lobby for 9/11 Truth and justice.
Two of the most hard line AIPAC-aligned US Senators, Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz, are both backing the bill currently before congress which would open the Saudis up to scrutiny. Even Nancy Pelosi wants the 28 pages on 9/11 declassified.

So, why are these establishment AIPAC-puppet politicians coming out now, demanding that these 28 pages be released, 13 years after they were classified?

This disinformation frenzy likely has one main purpose: to mislead the public about who actually planned, carried out and benefited from 9/11. As documented in his book Grand Deceptions, the nation which benefited most from 9/11 was Israel. Benajmin Netanyahu said the attacks were good for Israel, and 9/11 has been wielded by the US and Israel as a “one size fits all excuse to invade” and conquer Arab and Muslim countries that the Israeli-American imperialists want to control.

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