The British Empire Is Losing, but Wants To Take the World Down with It

March 30 (EIRNS)—The Empire is in turmoil. Russian President Vladimir Putin has defeated it in Syria, and is beginning to win over sane elements of populations in the West. Its banking system is unraveling, with all the money-printing it has unleashed—unable to stop it, or to stop the world from turning to China’s Silk Road and the new BRICS financial institutions for credit and real development. The Empire’s culture is descending into Satanism, as its leaders glory in killing—by drones, by hunger, by disease, and by suicide—even as the revived Confucian culture of China reaches out to the world with win-win development, classical education and collaboration in space exploration.

The response of the dying British Empire to this Chinese and BRICS “threat” is to prepare for war, both military and economic. U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Tony Blinken on March 29 told a Washington forum that the Chinese simply must accept the massive U.S. military buildup on its border—and “trust us,” that the U.S. is not targetting them. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman responded that the THAAD missiles being prepared for deployment in South Korea are not a “technical issue,” but a direct threat to peace and stability.

The Empire’s leading economic voice, the Financial Times of London, issued a similar threat through journalist Martin Wolf, who wildly claimed that China is responsible for the “Great Depression” that he sees coming soon, unless Beijing accepts the “cooperative management” of the Chinese economy!

A scholar from Australia, Tim Winter, objected to the distortion of China’s Silk Road process by Western governments and the Western press in a truthful analysis titled: “One Belt, One Road, One Heritage—Cultural Diplomacy Along the Silk Road.” The cultural, people-to-people aspect of China’s program, he said, must not be dismissed as merely China’s “soft power” effort to gain geopolitical influence. Rather, it is the crucial basis for the development process necessary to turn the world towards cooperation rather than confrontation. Winter quotes Xi Jinping from the recent Boao Forum, saying that “the Belt and Road will promote inter-civilizational exchanges to build bridges of friendship for our people, drive human development and safeguard the peace of the world.”

Such thinking is sneered at by most of the Western elite, trained in the mechanical, mindless pseudo-thinking of the Empire’s Bertrand Russell, having forgotten (or suppressed) the creative spirit which gave birth to the United States, and which guided its greatest Presidents. This spirit was largely snuffed out by the British assassination of John Kennedy, the launching of a colonial war in Asia, the gutting of America’s space program, and the British Opium War against the United States, resulting in the current President who delights in warfare and has legalized drugs.

The remoralization of the American and European populations is essential if war is to be avoided and the economy revived. The leadership in the West capable of achieving that task is represented by the EIR Special Report inspired by Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge. The rest of the world recognizes the urgency of this policy, as it has now been translated into Chinese and Arabic, with several more languages in the works (see www.worldlandbridge.com). The trans-Atlantic nations must follow this lead, face the fact that everything productive is being shut down around them, and join the New Silk Road.

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