U.S. Defense Department Tells China To Accept THAAD Deployment in South Korea, but ‘Trust Us’

March 30 (EIRNS)—Deputy Secretary of Defense Tony Blinken told the Brookings Institution yesterday that China should stop complaining about the deployment of THAAD missiles to South Korea. “If China is looking to assure that we are not required to take additional steps for our own security and that of our partners and allies that it won’t like, the best thing it can do is to engage with us in dealing with North Korea,” Blinken said. China, of course, is dealing with North Korea—it is Obama who refuses to engage in any talks with North Korea or take measures to solve the problem, since the crisis provides yet another excuse for him to deploy massive military forces along China’s border.

Blinken also retailed the same line pitched for years to the Russians about U.S. BMD systems on their western border, which, Obama said, were not aimed at Russia but at Iran. (The U.S. no longer bothers with that lie since it is now openly preparing for war on Russia.) “We realize China may not believe us,” Blinken said, and also proposed “to go through the technology and specifications with them … prepared to explain to what the technology does and what it doesn’t do, and hopefully they will take us up on that proposal,” he said.

China immediately rejected this “trust us” approach. “The deployment of a THAAD system in South Korea pursued by the United States is not a simple technical issue, but it is a strategic one related to peace and stability in Northeast Asia,” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters today. The deployment of a THAAD battery in South Korea would “go far beyond the actual defense requirement of the Korean Peninsula and will cause a direct impact on China’s strategic and security interests,” Hong said.

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