Obama wants war youtube video

Lyndon LaRouche delivers his warning via Youtube.

Obama wants war with China and Russia — Lyndon LaRouche issued a stark warning regarding Obama’s war-in-progress against China. His message is simple: to avoid a confrontation with China, kick Obama out of office and get back to real cooperation among nations to rebuild the world.

And just yesterday, the Panama Papers scandal broke, targeting BRICS nations’ leaders, most notably Vladimir Putin, in a massive smear campaign designed to continue to prevent the USA from working peacefully and productively with Russia and China.

Peaceful solutions are possible — but, as LaRouche emphasizes, they start with throwing Obama and his British coherts out of power now.

Tune in this Thursday, to learn about why Obama and his friends are pushing for war and the solutions set forth by the LaRouche’s and the BRICS group of nations to replace Wall Street’s failed policies with those which develop the entire earth for the benefit of mankind. 

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