Friday Webcast, April 22, 2016

April 22 Webcast Youtube

As the pressure continues to increase on Obama to release the 28 pages on 9/11, including former Senator Bob Graham authoring an editorial this week in which he denounces the “aggressive deception” which two consecutive administrations have perpetrated against the American people, we begin our webcast tonight at 8 pm eastern with a special video statement from Lyndon LaRouche personally in which he asserts the British culpability in the plot, after which Jeffrey Steinberg takes the podium to lay out in detail his exclusive research into these British-Saudi connections. Jeff Steinberg also discusses the implications of a newly released 47-page document authored by researchers on the 9/11 Commission in which they proposed to investigate the role that agencies within the US government played in covering up for the Saudi role in the attacks, but were blocked from doing so.

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LaRouchePAC continues to lead the charge to declassify the 28 Pages


Learn more about the history and story of declassification, and why the Saudis fear the release.

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